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Zoom Introduces New Tools And Features For Developers

Description of Zoom Introduces New Tools And Features For Developers

The Zoom videoconferencing platform wants to win the hearts of developers. To create an ecosystem around its offers, it has just provided them with more tools, including an easier way to use its video SDK.
The Zoom platform presented new tools for developers on Monday, laying the foundations for a larger ecosystem of partners built around its video conferencing technology. First of all, Zoom makes it easy to use its Video SDK with a "Buy Now" option, which allows developers to quickly create a Video SDK developer account to start working smoothly.
The company has also decided to launch Developer.zoom.us, a site where developers can explore Zoom's open platform and other resources. Finally, developers using Zoom App Marketplace can access more detailed analytics to track their app's performance in the market. They will be able to track the number of subscriptions at the user and account level, active user and active account metrics, API usage volumes, and more.
“We have developed Zoom as an open platform because we want to continue to encourage innovation and enable companies to create the best possible solutions,” said Brendan Ittelson, CTO of Zoom, explaining this burst of news to the destination of developers.

A new platform

Zoom rose to prominence in 2020, in the wake of the health crisis linked to the Covid-19 pandemic, which forced people to resort to telecommuting or distance education. Its video conferencing platform facilitated virtual meetings, classes, and birthday parties. By the end of the company's 2020 fiscal year, "Zoom" had entered the vocabulary, and its revenue had jumped 326%.
Enough to give it wings and new ambitions. As CEO Eric Yuan said in the fall at the company's Zoomtopia virtual customer event, "Zoom has become more than just a platform." This is what makes the Video SDK particularly attractive, Brendan Ittelson says, as it opens up Zoom technology to a large number of use cases.
"What we heard from our developers is that they like Zoom technology and they would like to have it as some kind of basic component that they could customize and integrate into their product," he explains. Use cases, he adds, could include unique retail experiences, social apps like livestreaming with interactive chat, or games - like a poker app where players could see everyone at. Table.