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With Windows 10 Design Update: Explorer And Recycle Bin Get New Icons

Description of With Windows 10 Design Update: Explorer And Recycle Bin Get New Icons

Windows 10 is optically redesigned. A lot is already visible in Insider Build 21343: there are new icons in Windows Explorer and the Windows recycle bin has also been redesigned.
Windows 10 will get a big all-round update in the fall, which should contain some optical delicacies. Various design changes have already been leaked from the user interface , now Microsoft is also showing revised icons for Windows Explorer and the recycle bin in a blog post .
The fact that all folders in Explorer look identical at first is not only monotonous, but also offers few options for finding something specific in a short time. If you wanted to give your file structure a better overview through different folder colors, free tools can help.

Windows folder: Change the color yourself now with free tools

The slim freeware Folder Painter comes with three different icon packs, each containing 14 different colors and symbols. All three icon bundles or just individual bundles of icons can be installed as required. If you have installed the icon packs, they will appear in the context menu from now on when you right-click on a folder.
Here you can easily choose between the different colors and symbols. This is particularly useful in the case of complicated folder structures, in order to keep an overview and to structure your folder system nicely. The tool can be expanded almost at will: If you want to add your own symbols and colors for folders, you can create a new menu in the tool and add the corresponding ICO files.
In the latest versions, the Folder Colorizer has become a purchase software and costs money after coloring just one folder. We are therefore offering you the latest freeware version of the tool for download in which this restriction does not yet apply.
Similar to the Folder Painter, you can also use the context menu to color the folders here. However, you can also specify the desired color using a hexadecimal code and are not dependent on preset colors.