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Three Guaranteed Tips To Improve Battery Life Of Ios14

Description of Three Guaranteed Tips To Improve Battery Life Of Ios14

Are iPhone battery issues in iOS 14 still giving you headaches? Here are three ways to extend battery life.
iOS 14 has been out for a long time and has received a few updates, and battery issues still seem to be at the top of the list of complaints from users of the latest version of Apple's mobile operating system. The battery drain issue is so severe that it is even visible on Pro Max iPhones with large batteries.
The battery drain issue isn't much of an issue if you have access to a charger or power bank (except for the long-term wear and tear on the battery that overcharging causes), but it does. About the times when you are away from a charger? Is there anything you can do to extend the precious battery life and keep it out of the red zone? Some tips are discussed, which gives you a manual to get you out of trouble easily in the event of your battery draining.

Low brightness

It makes a huge difference. Sure, brighter screens are more pleasing to the eye, but it really drains the battery. Lowering the screen brightness (either from the Control Center screen or by going to Settings> Display & Brightness) makes a noticeable difference. And the more you use your smartphone, the more battery you save.
If you have a recent iPhone with an OLED display, going into a dark mode (again, you can do this from the Control Center screen or by going to Settings> Display & Brightness) is another. A good way to save energy. Of course, dark mode isn't for everyone, but needs have to be met, right?

Keep your iPhone face down

Your iPhone - provided it's an iPhone 5s or later - can now use the ambient light sensor to tell if it's face down on a surface (or in a pocket or whatever), and it will not light up the screen when you get a notification. This saves the battery. And the more notifications you get, the more battery you save. This tip can have a huge positive impact on battery life.
If you handle your iPhone a lot when you're not using it - some people use it as a spinning top and all kinds of things - then you can also turn off the Raise to Wake feature (you can find this in Settings> Display & Brightness) because it keeps the screen off when you are not using your iPhone.

Weak cellular signal

Here is another great way to save battery. The iPhone is searching for a connection due to the lack of cell signal which is severely draining the battery. And in iOS 14, it seems to be a heavy drain on the battery. So what can you do? It's not like you can build your own cellular transmitter.
There are things you can do:
• Put the iPhone in airplane mode;
• Change operator;
• Keep a charger when you are in a weak signal area.

Low Power Mode

You can also put your phone in "low power" mode, but this disables some functions, so you can limit it to more difficult situations. But it will literally add hours to your battery life, and the sooner you turn it on, the more overtime you'll have.