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The Top Productivity Ipad Apps In 2021

Description of The Top Productivity Ipad Apps In 2021

The amount of work I can do on the Apple tablet keeps increasing. These apps can help you keep pace.
For almost 10 years, the iPad has been an essential part of my daily work. From managing my inbox and coordinating my schedule, writing countless articles and notes, editing photos and even video editing, I do it all on the iPad. As the hardware and software improved, the amount of work I could do on the tablet only increased. Even though it took almost 10 years for the iPad to have its own operating system, the key to using iPad as a desktop computer has always been apps.
Not just those from Apple, but also those from third-party developers who are committed to delivering high-quality tools to iPad users. Below are a handful of iPad apps that let you use the tablet for business tasks - not just browsing the web or watching Apple TV +.
Spark Mail: collaborate on important emails
After years of using Apple's Mail app, I finally switched to Readle's Spark messaging app on all of my devices. With features such as the ability to schedule an email to be sent, create email templates, or suspend sending emails for further action, this app has become proved invaluable to me.
For business users and businesses, there are also more valuable features, such as the ability to create a team and work together on email writing, with each person participating from their own device. There are several price points, depending on how you plan to use the "Teams" feature. If you have a small team, you probably won't need to purchase a subscription.
Fantastical and Cardhop
Flexibits has evolved its apps to a subscription model, with an annual cost of $ 40, but it now includes two of the company's apps: Fantastical and Cardhop. The first is a calendar app that's really fun to use, and Cardhop takes a similar approach to helping you manage your contacts.
Fantastical is one of the best calendar apps available for the iPad. It combines your tasks and calendar entries in one app, and it's easy to use with features like the ability to create a new entry by typing a single line of text. For example, if you type "Meeting with David next Thursday at 3:00 PM", the appointment will be created without any further effort on your part. You can use either application for free, some functions being reserved for a premium account.
iA Writer: a simple text editor
I have tried many writing apps over the years, and I always come back to iA Writer. It is a simple and straightforward text editor that supports Markdown syntax. You don't have to use Markdown to write, but it makes it easy to export your documents to Word or even HTML. You can sync your work using iA Writer's built-in support for third-party storage services.
Microsoft 365: Outlook first
If your employer uses Microsoft 365, Microsoft's suite of apps is available for the iPad. Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote are all great apps to work with. You'll need a Microsoft 365 subscription to use apps like Word or Excel, but anyone can use Outlook as their primary email app at no cost.
Google Workspace
For those who use Google products instead of Office 365, all of Google's core apps are available in the App Store. Personally, I use Docs and Sheets on a daily basis. I do not recommend using the Gmail app unless you absolutely have to. It doesn't support multitasking, and adding attachments is more or less limited to your photo library or Google Drive.
PDF Expert
PDF Expert is more than just a PDF reader. This unique application allows you to edit PDF files, including images and text, as well as annotate and mark up a document. I use it to sign documents, fill out forms, and open ZIP files (seriously, this is the most reliable app for opening ZIP files I have used on the iPad).
If you handle a lot of PDF files, PDF Expert is the ideal solution. You can download and use it for free for basic tasks, but you'll need a Pro subscription ($ 49.99 per year) if you want to edit PDFs and sign documents. Here is the list of functions unlocked by the subscription.
SignEasy: for cases where you need to sign a document
SignEasy is a simplified application for signing documents or sending a document for signature to a client or colleague. Although PDF Expert has a signature feature, it is also an additional application for someone who does not need to edit and manipulate PDFs. SignEasy has only one goal, and it does it well. You can download the app for free and then purchase a subscription according to your needs.