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The Finest Tools For Designing E-commerce Sites

Description of The Finest Tools For Designing E-commerce Sites

Online stores and e-commerce are booming. The best website building tools are the ones that help you reach customers without sacrificing your brand vision.
Between closures, lockdowns and other quarantines, last year forced us to change our daily lives. And these adjustments have also led to changes in the market, with many companies being forced to turn to online sales. While e-commerce and online stores are nothing new, the pandemic has brought a whole new wave of businesses to the e-commerce market.
So many companies have created their online store to be able to sell directly to their customers. Selling a quality product, of course, is important, but online providing an effective online shopping experience is just as important. A website intended for online sales should have functionality and design that keeps the customer on the site until the point of sale.
According to ecommerce statistics, only 9.6% of Gen Z customers report purchasing items from a physical store. Even when consumers shop in a physical store, 39% say they have visited a brand's website before making their purchase. The creation of a suitable e-commerce site can therefore make the difference.

Wix eCommerce, while drag and drop

Wix eCommerce is a great choice for entrepreneurs who want to get noticed online. Small businesses, retailers, and big brands can use Wix to build, launch, and grow their online stores. You don't need to know how to code to create a showcase and stand out.
• Personalization: With over 500 templates to choose from, there's no shortage of options, and each is customizable. Wix hosts hundreds of SEO friendly plugins to help you boost your online store's presence.
• Ease of Use: Those new to technology will appreciate Wix's ease of use. Users can create an online storefront in less than 10 minutes. The drag and drop build feature makes the process easy.
• Branding: Wix offers free business tools like Wix Logo Maker and even a business name generator for those in need of fresh ideas.
• Transaction management: your products can be listed and sold on multiple sales channels. Online transactions like purchase, tracking and processing, delivery, refunds or payments can all be managed from the Wix dashboard and Wix Payments.
Three monthly subscriptions are offered: Basic Business, 20 Euros per month; Business Unlimited, 30 Euros per month; or Business VIP, 42 Euros per month.

Squarespace, recognized designs

Squarespace is a popular choice for creatives, like podcasters, photographers, and other content creators. Although it is known for its portfolio and blogging features, Squarespace also has some great tools for e-commerce sites. • High Quality Design: Squarespace offers attractive theme options created by world-class designers. There are hundreds of layouts available for your site.
• Ecommerce options: Inventory management, shipping tools, social media integration and analysis of visitor behavior, as well as SEO optimization are just a few of the features you get with Squarespace.
• Customizable ordering: Squarespace allows for extensive customization, even on checkout pages.
• Support: Squarespace offers mobile support to keep your website accessible anytime, as well as 24/7 technical support.
You can opt for a monthly or annual subscription, among the following offers: Business, 24 Euros per month or 17 Euros with an annual subscription; Basic Commerce, 28 Euros per month or 24 Euros with an annual subscription; or Advance Commerce, 42 Euros per month or 36 Euros with an annual subscription.

Shopify Anyone, Anywhere Can Start a Business

Shopify is used by over a million businesses, and that number is growing all the time. The service has gained a reputation as a reliable website building tool, exclusively dedicated to e-commerce. Whether you are new or experienced, anyone can build a scalable online storefront with Shopify.
• Professional Design: Shopify offers over 70 customizable, professionally designed themes. Each template can be easily configured to your liking, keeping you true to your brand and storefront vision. • Mobile Browsing Compatible: Each site comes with a built-in mobile shopping cart, allowing your customers to shop hassle-free from any tablet or phone.
• Shopping Functions: Shopify integrates over 100 external payment options, from PayPal to Bitcoin. If you want to reach international customers, Shopify's online checkout is available in over 50 languages.
• SEO and Analytics: Being found online is easier with Shopify's customizable SEO practices, which also offers product and traffic reports so you can analyze your growth and sales and know how customers found your store online.
Shopify offers three subscriptions: Basic Shopify, $ 29 per month; Shopify, $ 79 per month; or Advanced Shopify, $ 299 per month. NB: the platform only accepts payments in dollars.

BigCommerce, build today, develop tomorrow

The name says it all. BigCommerce is a force to be reckoned with in the field of ecommerce website building. Its mission is simple: to help its users to sell more. Whether it's a small start-up or a mid-size business, BigCommerce offers a platform designed for scalable growth in the online marketplace.
• Ease of use: BigCommerce offers website builders a drag-and-drop solution thanks to its visual page builder and editor, while offering customizable themes. You can even check your optimization for mobile navigation before launching each page, making sure that functionality is not lost on mobile devices.
• Payment Options: BigCommerce makes it easier for your customers to pay you for your products, integrating PayPal, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, and more.
• International Features: Do you want to reach customers all over the world? BigCommerce helps you reach international buyers by accepting payments in over 100 currencies. Its content delivery network ensures that your site loads quickly for customers around the world.
• Security and Analysis: You can rest easy knowing that your store data is backed up and secure. Big Commerce’s analytics dashboard lets you track important metrics and customer data, letting you know which marketing campaigns are working and which products are selling.
BigCommerce offers three subscriptions: Standard, $ 29.95 per month; Plus, 71.95 euros per month; or Pro, 269.96 Euros. NB: the platform only accepts payments in dollars.

What to consider when creating a website

Whether your goal is to build a website to sell products only online or to create one to complement your store and increase your sales, there are a few important things to consider before you start building a website:
• Type of activity: what do you sell? A product or a service? Are you a new business or a start-up looking to build a brand from scratch? You need to find an online store builder that matches your vision, brand, and needs. • Ease of use: You will need a website that is flexible enough to suit your needs and has SEO capabilities that will help you market your business online. Customizable templates and theme options are important for those without web design knowledge.
• Works with the tools you need : You will need to make sure that the site builder is able to integrate the tools that you will need for your online business, be it email marketing, customer data, l 'mobile optimization, etc.
• Cost: Cost is perhaps the most important factor. Ecommerce site design tools vary in price, with monthly or annual pricing structures and web hosting options.
The creation of an online store is an investment, which pays off if done correctly. Choosing the best ecommerce website builder is essential in helping you market your product on the internet. You need to choose one that is affordable, easy to use, and has a plethora of online features that will help you reach your customers while keeping you brand loyal.