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Stunningly Healthy And Inexpensive: Frozen Vegetable Pans At Öko-test

Description of Stunningly Healthy And Inexpensive: Frozen Vegetable Pans At Öko-test

Frozen meals are often labeled as unhealthy across the board. A current ÖKO-TEST test shows that there is another way: the laboratory and testers examined 19 frozen vegetable pans for critical ingredients, pathogens, but also a fresh taste and smell, as well as their appearance. Among the test winners is also a good & cheap product from Edeka. In the video we introduce you to the sustainable start-up Etepetete.
If you don't have time to cut vegetables, you can use frozen products. You can do this without a guilty conscience, reports the magazine "ÖKO-TEST" (issue 4/2021): 19 tested products passed the pollutant test with the best results. But taste and consistency are not okay with all of them.
A total of 19 frozen vegetable pans of Asian style were put to the test. These included seasoned products - often with soy sauce and candied ginger - but also dishes to season yourself. In addition to checking for harmful substances, the test also looked at whether the dishes looked, smelled and tasted good and whether the vegetables felt fresh and crisp in the mouth.
You can read the detailed test report for a fee at ÖKO-TEST .

Good & cheap: Edeka own brand among the test winners

The testers found ten "very good" and eight "good" pans. They got by entirely without flavor additives. Among the winners were, for example, the "Vegetable Pan Asia" from Alnatura, the "Vegetable Pan Style Asia" from Frosta and the "Pan Vegetable Asian Art" from Gut & Cheap.
In some cases there were deductions in terms of taste: Individual ingredients in the vegetable stir-fry, such as leek and bamboo, tasted slightly bitter and were sometimes straw-like.
The salt content of all products was also okay. But if you want to taste yourself, it is best to use one of the unseasoned vegetable mixes.