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Strengthen Multicloud Approach With OBS Partners AWS

OBS Orange's B to B operator has just announced a crucial partnership with AWS. This will allow OBS customers to access AWS services through a one-stop-shop.
After having already terminated partnerships with the cloud branches of Microsoft and Google, the B to B branch of Orange, Orange Business Services (OBS), is more strengthening its support for multi-cloud by completing an unprecedented partnership with Amazon Web Services ( AWS). The operator has just announced that it has entered into a partnership with the cloud branch of the e-commerce giant, which according to its management will result in "new products and services to stimulate the transition of companies to the cloud".
The objective for OBS is to ensure the strike force of AWS in the cloud and to allow its customers to access the offers of the American giant via a single window. A challenge for OBS, which now wishes to internationalize its clientele and record more income outside French borders, by strengthening its multi-cloud measurements.
Hence the importance for the B2B operator to forge large-scale partnerships with international players such as Google or AWS. “We are in the age of multi-cloud. On average, a company now uses five cloud computing services ”, already summarized in 2018 Stefan Kanis, Senior Vice President of OBS Cloud activity.

A one-stop-shop for OBS clients

In detail, the new partnership formed by OBS with AWS plans to make new products and services accessible to the operator's customers. This agreement will result in the integration of OBS into the AWS Reseller Program, which will allow the operator to resell AWS services to its customers as part of its value-added services and solutions. “We are delighted with the business opportunities this partnership will bring to us and our customers. This collaboration with AWS strengthens our relationship and our ability to simplify and accelerate the cloud transformation of our customers ”, Stefan Kanis rejoiced when concluding this new partnership.
But it does not stop there. OBS and AWS, which want to jointly establish new products and services to accelerate the transition of businesses to the cloud, should step up on the establishment of a dedicated cloud center of excellence based on the AWS infrastructure. This center "will coordinate the joint development of a huge training and certification program for more than 3,000 experts" of OBS, ensures the management of the operator.