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Snapchat Woos Developers With Latest Augmented Reality Instruments

Description of Snapchat Woos Developers With Latest Augmented Reality Instruments

Snapchat just announced a host of new partnerships and new features for its user base.
Snap unveiled a slew of new features and products on Thursday for developers and creators who use its platform. The management of Snap, the parent company of the social network, announced a new development platform that gives users the ability to expand their digital footprint by accessing a variety of technologies within Login, Stories, Bitmoji, and the Snapchat camera. , Minis and Games.
According to the company's statement, Snapchat claims more than 250,000 developers signed up to its Snap Kit service, and content produced by these developers ends up in Snapchat cameras nearly 600 million times each month. Along with new tools for developers, the company is also rolling out new features for Snap Map, which bridges the gap between Snapchat users and their friends with localized augmented reality videos that will appear on a map.
Company data shows that at least 250 million site users are already using this feature every month, and more and more businesses are signing up. The company also added a Map Layers feature, which allows businesses to create locations and locations in the Snap Map.
More integration for the camera
Snapchat announced even more integration efforts for developers of apps using the Snapchat camera, allowing them to create additional layers and tools. Big companies like Disney are already working on creating augmented reality add-ons that provide users with additional experiences at places like Disney World Resort. Users can add different lenses to the Snapchat camera with their favorite characters, and much more.
The company also integrates its tools with other applications, such as the Bumble dating site. Snapchat is also expanding its possibilities for game developers, creating a single platform where users can build a game or feature that works on both Android and iOS versions of Snap. Starting today, Snap announced that game developers will also be able to integrate "Bitmoji into their games on mobile, PC and console, directly through the Unity platform."
Finally, the social network also unveiled new ways for creators to monetize their content through a new standalone app called Story Studio.