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Skills Are Most In Demand Among Developers In 2021?

Description of Skills Are Most In Demand Among Developers In 2021?

If you envision a future in programming, these are the platforms and languages you should master in 2021 to ensure smooth integration into the job market.
While many people will face a difficult outlook in 2021, developers and programmers remain in high demand, even in regions that tech companies and employees are supposed to flee from, like San Francisco. But while employees might want to move out of expensive cities, employers are now ready to step up to the plate to attract talent to traditional tech hubs.
“Average salaries for top-level IT development positions increased in all major technology centers last year - 5% in the San Francisco Bay Area, 3% in New York, 7% in Toronto, and 6% in London, ”Hired notes in a new report. Hired notes that programmers who are familiar with Google's Go programming language, Redux JavaScript library, Google Cloud, and AWS have received more interview requests from employers.
The explosion of teleworking has, however, had some impact on traditional technology centers, as more distant positions appear elsewhere. For example, Denver, Colorado received 34% of remote positions, while positions in London and Toronto accounted for 6% and 9% of remote positions, respectively. Hire’s survey, covering 10,000 participating companies and 245,000 job seekers, was conducted with the Vettery recruitment platform.

AWS leads the way

“The demand for developers and their skills has continued to grow despite the massive economic downturn, amid the pandemic, and one of the toughest job markets in US history,” says know Josh Brenner, the chef of Vettery. “As many companies will resume their recruiting efforts this year again, they will have to compete for even more to attract the best talent in engineering,” explains the latter.
However, the targets of these companies have seen their expectations modified in recent months. Companies found that 83% of developers are looking for "new challenges and continuous learning." This means companies will have to meet developers' appetites for telecommuting and career development opportunities. Developers from all industries are in high demand. People with backup and stack knowledge have 58% and 57% service applications. While the back-end developer accounts for 30% of all service requests.
Developers who know Redux.js, Google Cloud, AWS, and React.js are in luck. Engineers who are proficient in Redux.js received nearly three times as many interview requests as the market average, while applicants with skills in Google Cloud, AWS, and React.js received 2.7 times as many interview requests. Companies have found that developers familiar with Go and Scala receive twice as many service requests.
But AWS is where the jobs are. “AWS was asked 8 [times] more often in job postings than Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure,” Hired notes. Developers who want a job should also be familiar with Kubernetes and Docker, the predominant container technologies. It's your turn!