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Secure Data Exchange And Storage Solutions: This Is How Sinology Simplifies Working In The Office And Home Office

Description of Secure Data Exchange And Storage Solutions: This Is How Sinology Simplifies Working In The Office And Home Office

The home office is becoming more and more established in companies. Security and the exchange of data are also becoming more relevant. In the following, we will show you how you can digitize your work processes easily and inexpensively with the right data backup from Sinology and the advantages of private business cloud storage.
NAS systems: Secure data access from the office and home office
Large companies usually have their own IT departments that ensure a smooth infrastructure and continuously optimize processes. In this way, the requirements changed by the corona pandemic can be met quickly, for example to ensure efficient access from home. After all, the basic technology is already in place.
The situation is different with small and medium-sized companies: The demands of the employees are just as high here, but the administrators often lack the resources or the corresponding budget. Of course, this particularly affects the self-employed and freelancers as well as new start-ups. In cooperation with Sinology, we will show you how you can use a cost-effective IT solution or guarantee secure data exchange in existing IT structures.
The solution is Network Attached Storage - or NAS for short. Such a system is definitely a good investment. After all, it can not only be used as (shared) data storage, which simplifies teamwork, but also enables the provision of office tools or the establishment of your own business cloud and mail server. This also makes backups child's play.
Working together and securely is best: central data storage and private cloud
Private Business Cloud: Access data from anywhere and even at the same time with colleagues.
In times of home office, it is not only important for companies to secure internal company data such as contact details, contracts, plans or Excel files well and to do so in compliance with the GDPR, but it must also be possible to access them from anywhere. This often poses a major challenge for companies. As already mentioned, local storage on the computer is not an option, while external cloud services are too cumbersome and too expensive in the long run. So how can you give everyone involved safe and easy access to the files they need? Short answer:
With a NAS that can be made into a business cloud in addition. Sinology has the right model for companies of all sizes.
Sinology NAS as a private business cloud combines a powerful NAS system with numerous free add-ons, such as the free backup software . With the tools, you can access files securely and flexibly from anywhere. The NAS system can be expanded to a high-performance private cloud storage via SinologyDrive . This means, for example, that folders or files can be synchronized across locations and previous versions can be restored - all without any ongoing charges. Files or folders can be easily accessed from anywhere using a mobile phone app or web browser. Synology Office also offers free tools to edit files such as spreadsheets or presentations at the same time and together.
The files are synchronized in real time - for quick joint work regardless of the location or for the integration of external employees. The private business cloud thus offers a secure alternative to public clouds. Another advantage: The Sinology NAS as a business cloud can be integrated into the existing IT infrastructure - because existing files and their ACL authorization settings can be easily migrated from a Windows server to your Sinology NAS. For the right NAS for your company, Sinology provides you with a NAS consultant to make it as easy as possible for you.
You can also use the admin console to conveniently manage rights and keep an eye on everything. You don't have to worry about storage space. Depending on the NAS model, this can be increased to several hundred terabytes using additional hard drives or SSDs.
Sinology webinar on data backup
Are you interested in data backup in your own company using a NAS system, but still have a lot of questions about it? In Sinology’s free webinar, you will get all the information you need for the conversion or introduction. You can find all further information about the webinar on the website.
Sinology’s free backup software
In good hands: Back up your data on a Sinology NAS system.
As if digital threats such as ransom ware and hacker attacks weren't enough, the current remote or home office phase also puts the IT of some companies to the test. Important or confidential documents can easily be lost if they are only saved locally on a computer. Therefore, current, regular backups are extremely important.
Data should also be backed up regularly when sharing physical servers and clouds. This is often a challenge for companies when all of the data is distributed across different environments. For this purpose, Sinology Active Backup provides a backup solution for hybrid environments which, unlike many other providers, incidentally do not entail any license costs - regardless of how many computers are backed up
With Active Backup you have three advantages:
• All backup tasks can be managed, deployed and even monitored from a central console.
• Incremental backups and global reduplication technology reduce the storage space used by data backup.
• Should data be lost, it can be restored in a flash thanks to various recovery options.
Find the right Sinology NAS product
The SinologyDisk Station DS1621xs is a good and efficient solution for small and medium-sized businesses.
As different as the requirements are, the NAS system should be chosen carefully: There are models especially for private use as well as for smaller and larger companies that differ in their size and range of functions. Sinology will help with the selection with a practical NAS consultant who will suggest the right model based on specific examples and the number of users.
Model recommendations
Small and medium-sized companies looking for an efficient and compact storage solution are well served with the scalable high-end desktop NAS DS1621xs + . The DS1621xs adapts to the growth of your company: The desktop housing has 6 hard disk slots, the 8GB RAM can be expanded to up to 32GB and the integrated 10GbE port ensures lightning-fast data transfer and can be coupled with an additional network card for a higher network range .
NAS systems for larger companies, such as the RackStation RS1221 +, form a separate area . Despite the compact design, it proves to be very powerful and is particularly suitable for use in confined spaces. Thanks to the latest technology standard, the RS1221 + accelerates access to conventional HDD arrays by a factor of 16 or more thanks to NVMe or SATA SSD cache. Thanks to the expandable storage capacity of up to 12 drive bays, you remain scalable with the RX418 expansion unit.
The SA and FS series are recommended for use in server cabinets. These round off Sinology’s product range at the top and meet the highest requirements in terms of reliability, scalability and performance. From a technical point of view, nothing stands in the way of company growth.
For all NAS systems there is not only free support, but also the option of next business day exchange and a 5-year guarantee. In some models for small and medium-sized companies, the guarantee is already integrated and if not, it can easily be purchased.