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Refined Features: Here's How Online Conferences Go Today

Description of Refined Features: Here's How Online Conferences Go Today

By this year at the latest, we have all been familiar with online meetings and thus also with the pitfalls. The advanced features of the GoToMeeting software make these challenges much easier. In this article, we'll tell you exactly how they do it. Good to know: There is currently a 14-day test phase for everyone!
Online meetings are now part of the daily bread of many companies. Often these appointments are about important information and agreements. And in times of stress, it is not always easy to stay focused on the matter at hand. Then watch out: The popular online meeting software GoToMeeting from the Irish company LogMeIn makes virtual collaboration with original additional functions easy and flexible for you .
A suitable app makes you independent of location. So take part wherever you are. Here, further thought was also given: The " commuter mode " option promises data-saving use. In addition to an HD video conference, it is also possible for you to discuss a VoIP telephone appointment.
Teamwork with the left: practical features
You can also work together with your colleagues online in a relaxed manner. Because GoToMeeting has understood the most diverse needs in collaboration . The functions developed from this hit the bull's eye:
For example, you can use drawing tools to highlight important points on the screen beyond the screen transfer . You can also use the software to transfer mouse control to each participant and collect ideas together on a virtual whiteboard .
Or set up a permanent meeting URL as your personal "online office".
GoToMeeting in a quick check:
• Unlimited meeting recording and transcription
• Integrated support for systems from Lifesize, Cisco and Polycom
• Start a meeting with just one click (link to Microsoft Office, email and instant messaging applications)
• Meeting can be started by voice command
• Up to 3,000 participants
• from 10.75 euros