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Pro Tips: Ride A Bike And Lose Weight

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A few minutes of cycling three times a week and you can celebrate noticeable weight loss success in no time. With our training plan, your pounds will drop.
Basically everyone will ride their bike sooner or later - some faster and sportier, others more enjoyable and still others to simply use it as a means of transport. Cycling is one of the most effective endurance sports of all. The fat pads melt with every kilometer.
With the three-point method of everyday workout, sports equipment and weekend vehicle, the fat pads are left behind. Try it out: The Fit For Fun training plan for the bike is guaranteed to kill those extra pounds.
Training plan: Lose weight with cycling (PDF)
Lose weight and have fun at the same time: The Fit for Fun training plan tells you how you can shed excess kilograms with just a few weeks of cycling. The experts in cycling agree that biking is also a real fountain of youth. The resting heart rate drops, the cardiac output increases, breathing becomes more effective, and the maximum oxygen uptake increases.
But that's not all: the muscles are also supplied with more blood, new blood vessels are formed, muscle coordination is refined, the immune system is strengthened - and body fat is melted. After running, cycling is the most effective fat killer, and for many who have joint problems or who are struggling with too many pounds on their hips, even the best possible. The prerequisite is that you train in the correct heart rate range.
Determining this is easier than you think. All you need is a heart rate monitor and your heart rate during training should be 70 percent of the aerobic-anaerobic threshold. How you determine this area, the bike and triathlon trainer Sebastian Weber (among others Team High Road) has developed a simple 3-point method that you can do yourself without much effort.
3 point method
1. Measure your resting heart rate while seated just before you set off.
2. Drive as fast as possible for 30 minutes on a route with little traffic.
3. Subtract the resting heart rate from the average heart rate of the last few minutes.
Multiply the result by 0.7 and add the resting heart rate to it again. This is how you get the optimal training pulse for fat burning. Example: resting heart rate 60, average training heart rate of the last minutes 170. So 170 - 60 = 110 x 0.7 = 77 + 60 (resting heart rate) = 137.
Lose weight and have fun at the same time: The Fit for Fun training plan tells you how you can shed excess kilograms with just a few weeks of cycling.Tips & tricks for optimal cyclingTo avoid postural damage, cramps or sores, you should adjust the bike correctly before you set off. To ensure that cycling is really fun and that there are no incorrect loads, the frame size, saddle height, etc. must correspond to your personal body measurements.
Frame height: On a men's bike, there should be 1-2 centimeters of clearance between the top tube and the crotch when you stand on the ground with your legs straight.
Saddle height: When the foot is at the lowest point of the pedals, the knee must not be fully extended - it should remain slightly bent. You should be able to touch the ground with your toes when you stop. Handlebar: The handlebar is set higher than the saddle and is easily accessible.