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Premium Fitness App Free Of Charge Today

Description of Premium Fitness App Free Of Charge Today

One of the frontrunners when it comes to fitness from home is the "Home training Gym Pro" Android app. The popular application provides you with training programs for at home and usually costs € 1.79. But for a short time you can download it completely free of charge from the Google Play Store.
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Going to the gym is not for everyone. In summer this is usually not a problem. With jogging, cycling and the like, there are enough options to be active in sports. But in the cold season of the year many possibilities are lost. The solution: home workouts.
In the Play Store, you get the right application with Heimtraining Gym Pro to keep fit comfortably at home. The best: The software is given away for a limited time. So grab it quickly before you pay 1.79 euros again for the practical training plan app.
Please note that we can only reflect the current status of such free promotions and have no effect on the developers' decisions to end them earlier if necessary. Before downloading you should always check whether the offer is still valid.
Full version: Home training Gym Pro - Android app 112.93
Get fit without a gym and additional equipment? This is what the Android app "Home training Gym Pro" promises. Home workout Gym Pro: The workout is based on your own body weight.
Each training program contains numerous individual exercises, which are explained to you in the text and by animation.
Effective strength training at home with a personal coach: This is what the Android app Home training Gym Pro promises. The application offers training programs in the form of challenges. These run for 28 days each and build on one another. So you have to do the training task every day to unlock the following day.
In addition, the fitness app also offers standard training plans that are based on the various training levels. From trainee to professionals, there is anything for everyone. Again, each plan consists of numerous exercises that you have to complete one after the other.
If you are not sure how to do an exercise correctly, you can click on the blue "I" symbol on the right-hand side of the screen. Then everything will be explained to you with the help of a text and an animation. You only need a little space for all exercises - no weights or other training equipment.