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Only A Few Hours: This Dictation Device App Records Audio In Top Quality

Description of Only A Few Hours: This Dictation Device App Records Audio In Top Quality

Sometimes you have an important thought but no pen or paper at hand. As a rule, there is also a lack of time or nerves for typing on the small mobile phone keypad. The voice recorder app "Snipback Pro HD" provides a remedy here. The practical tool is currently being given away in the Google Play Store, valued at just under three euros! You can see in the video how you can permanently secure the app for free.
If you want to record meetings, interviews or simply short voice notes on your Android phone, you will find a whole host of different options in the Play Store. When it comes to the range of functions, there are often big differences between these apps.
Google is currently giving away a voice recorder that can score with some interesting extras. Snipback Pro HD normally costs 2.99 euros, and the Android app is currently and only for a short time available completely free of charge. Among other things, the app impresses with integrated noise canceling and a special listening mode.
Please note that we can only reflect the current status of such a free campaign and that we have no influence on the developers' decisions to end them earlier. Therefore you should always check when downloading whether the offer is still valid at that moment.
With the "Snipback PRO HD" app you can easily make audio recordings of conversations.
Android app Snipback Pro HD: This is what the smart voice recorder can do
The Snipback Pro HD audio recorder can do more than just record calls at the push of a button. The app can use the noise reduction function to filter background noises from the audio files and a hidden audio recording with a black screen is also possible. A special listening mode also enables the recorder to listen in without recording. This can be very practical: if you have heard an interesting contribution in the meeting, you can save it as an audio file with one click without having to record the entire conference. Alternatively, you can control the recorder as usual using the start and stop buttons.