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No More Confusion With Firefox &co.these 3 Insider Tips Will Clean Up Your Browser

Description of No More Confusion With Firefox &co.these 3 Insider Tips Will Clean Up Your Browser

Order in the apartment - easy! But order in the browser? For many users, this is not as easy as it sounds. Most of them avoid the chaos with over 30 open tabs on a wide variety of topics by simply closing the browser and starting over again tomorrow. Valuable information is often lost in the process.
But most popular browsers, for example Google's popular Chrome browser , Microsoft's Edge or Firefox , now contain a lot of useful tools to easily sort tabs and windows. We'll reveal the three best tips to help you keep your browser tidy.
Google Chrome (64 Bit) 90.0.4430.93 Final
Google Chrome 90 in the 64-bit version for Windows.
Firefox (64 bit) 88.0.1 Final
Now available for free download from CHIP: the brand new final version of Firefox 88.0.1.
Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based) 90.0 Final
Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based) 90.0 Final
Microsoft's new Edge browser based on Chrome in the latest final version for download.
1. Select multiple tabs
Did you know that you can easily select multiple tabs with Ctrl + click? This allows you to create order in the browser in a few seconds: Simply select tabs that belong together and right-click to move them to a separate window.
This means that several tabs can be closed, muted or added to a bookmark collection at once.
2. Group tabs
With tab groups you can sort open tabs in just a few clicks.
Some users may be able to restrict themselves to tabs, but those who sit at the computer a lot often have well over 20 tabs open. That is impractical and confusing. But Google has developed a Chrome feature that helps exactly against this: you can assign tabs to a group and name them with a right-click. Grouped tabs are highlighted in color.
The best thing about tab groups: They can be minimized with a click on the group title. In this way, you can open far more tabs than would actually have space on the monitor and organize them in groups instead of having to access several windows.
However, the feature is only available in Chrome. However, if you use Firefox or another browser, you first have to install a suitable extension. For Firefox, for example, there is Tree Style Tab , in Microsoft's Edge Browser you can also use the vertical tabs for a better overview. Treely brings the vertical tabs for Chrome.
There is also another highlight for Chrome users: Acid Tabs automatically sorts tabs according to URLs, bundled into freely selectable and color-coded groups.
Tree Style Tab for Firefox 3.7.3
The Firefox extension "Tree Style Tab" arranges the open tabs hierarchically in a small window.
Treely: Tree Style Tab Manager for Chrome 0.2.4
The Chrome add-on "Treely: Tree Style Tab Manager" sorts all open tabs in a separate bar.
Acid Tabs for Chrome 6.4.1
The Chrome add-on "Acid Tabs" automatically sorts your tabs with certain URLs into tab groups.
3. Use different profiles in the browser
Whether Firefox, Edge, Chrome or even something exotic like Opera: almost every user has a favorite browser in which he or she surfs the most. But what if you have professional and private things on the same computer or want to use different work areas? Many people use a second browser - but that is often not necessary.
All common browsers have a profile system. This allows you to create separate profiles for work and private life and not only keep open tabs separate, but also bookmarks, extensions and passwords. This also works without, for example, linking your Google account with Chrome, the profiles are then only available locally on your computer. If you have created a new profile, you can choose a picture and get a fresh browser without extensions, bookmarks or accounts. For example, you can log into different accounts of a service on the same computer. The profile icon in the taskbar helps to distinguish the browser profiles and can even be pinned separately.