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New Fritzbox Update Released: Users Can Enjoy It Furtherly In Future

Description of New Fritzbox Update Released: Users Can Enjoy It Furtherly In Future

AVM has rolled out the latest update FritzOS 7.26 for two FritzBox models. Read here what new features and bug fixes users can expect.
AVM begins to distribute a new FritzOS version and starts with two prominent routers. This time it is the FritzBox 6591 Cable and the flagship FritzBox 6660 Cable. AVM did not have the latter on FritzOS 7.24 until the beginning of February brought the some errors that also bothered users in the home office.
FritzBox update: Easier prioritization of individual devices in the home network
But what does the update to the latest software version bring? When looking at the changelog, it quickly becomes apparent that the software version FritzOS 7.26 does not differ that much from the version with the number 7.25. The main innovations are the same as those that have just been rolled out for the 6490 Cable and 6590. Before that it was the fiber optic router FritzBox 5530 Fiber as well as the VDSL models 7590, 7530 and 7520 and the VDSL router FritzBox 7580.
These include the simple prioritization of individual devices in the home network. This gives you, so to speak, the fast lane on the way to the Internet compared to the others in the home network. FritzDECT can use it to measure the room humidity and FritzFon shows the weather forecast on the start screen.
In addition to extended smart home functions, it is also the classic telephone functions that are upgraded via the Fritzbox. Call blocks, call diversions and the phone book are now easier to use and the integrated fax machine also has a journal for sent and received faxes.
FritzOS 7.26: Improvement in the setup assistant
Despite all the similarity, an interesting innovation is hidden in FritzOS 7.26. In contrast to the cable routers that AVM equipped with the FritzOS 7.25 software in the near past, there is now O2 in the setup assistant as an Internet provider for cable connections . This means that the FritzBox 6660 Cable and the FritzBox 6591 Cable are the first to be offered this selection comfortably.
The user receives the update to FritzOS 7.26 automatically if the auto-update function is selected. If not, it can also be started manually. Otherwise you need to do this, click on "Start update" on the "fritz.box" user interface. Not only the Fritz boxes get regular updates from AVM. Just a few days ago, the Berlin market leader also updated its app and taught it to use Bluetooth telephony. We will show you in a separate article what else is new in the FritzApp Fon .