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Mirha Name Meaning In Urdu [popularity & History]

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Mirha Name Meaning in Urdu Mirha is a beautiful Muslim girl name, This name is purely an  Islamic name. Mirha was originated from Arabic language.  Mirha Name Meaning in Urdu “اللہ کا نور” and in English “Light of God” Is Mirha Quranic Name? Mirha is not a Quranic name but by meaning it is very close to Islamic names and that’s why this is most popular in Muslims. Mirha have really very good name meanings اللہ کا نور and also sounds very good. Mirha Name Lucky Number As numerology said, a lucky number for Mirha’s name is 6. This name has four letters in Urdu and five letters in English spells. What is the auspicious color of the name Mirha? As this name is for girls and girls love to wear colorful dresses and jewelry. So we should not miss the lucky color for Mirha. Golden Orange & Red are lucky colors for the Mirha Name. What is the origin of Mirha name? Because this name is taken from Arabic language, so origin of Mirha name is Arabic. This also an Islamic name meaning light of God. Mirha Name Popularity This name is not much popular yet, very few people choose this name because most of the people don’t know about mirha meaning and its beauty. This is why people are still not able to discover the worth of this name. In conclusion, this name is very meaningful and has deep meanings inside. So I highly recommend this name. Thank you for being here don’t forget to check more beautiful names. ⇓ ↓ ⇓  Click Here to See More Top Trending and Beautiful Muslim Names