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Microsoft Tells About New Features In Windows Server 2022

Microsoft provides a list of features coming in its next version of Windows Server LTSC, which is expected to be released later this year.
Microsoft has been testing its next version of Windows Server since last year as part of the Insiders program. Although test versions of this version of Windows Server are released regularly, Microsoft officials very rarely provide public information about their features and updates. But, on March 2, Microsoft shared the functionality of the next version of Windows Server.
As Microsoft spokespeople said a year ago, this new version of Windows Server will be the next version of Windows Server Long Term Servicing Channel (LTSC). It will be available for ordinary users "towards the end of 2021". The last version of Server LTSC was Windows Server 2019. LTSC versions of Windows Server have security updates for 10 years and do not receive feature updates.
On March 2, the first day of the Ignite 2021 virtual conference, Microsoft released a list of new features that will be part of Windows Server 2022. Users will be able to:
• apply for advanced multi-layered threat protection, easily activated using the server's secure core;
• secure connectivity to critical business assets with an additional layer of security (including support for HTTPS and TLS 1.3 will be enabled by default);
• manage and administer Windows Server on-prem with Azure Arc;
• get better management of virtual machines with the latest Windows Admin Center;
• migrate file servers from on-premises to Azure with new scenario supported with Storage Migration Service;
• improve deployment of containerized applications with smaller image size for faster download and simplified implementation of network policies;
• Update .NET applications with the new containerization tool in Windows Admin Center. Priority for members of the Insiders program
Members of the Insiders program can download the Preview builds of Windows Server 2022 and run them locally or try the Preview hosted in Azure.
We asked a Microsoft spokesperson for details on when Windows Server 2022 will be released, but he declined to say more than "later in the year."