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Microsoft Announce To Reopen Its Offices From July 6, 2021

Description of Microsoft Announce To Reopen Its Offices From July 6, 2021

After having closed its premises during much of the health crisis, Microsoft is now considering their full reopening and sets it as of July 6.
The reopening is in sight for Microsoft employees. Last fall, Microsoft officials announced to their employees that they were pushing back the date for the reopening of the company's US offices from January 2021 to July 2021. On Monday, Microsoft management made news announcements that will have something to delight employees overdosing on teleworking.
Next week, March 29, Microsoft will further open its Puget Sound area headquarters - its largest work site - to echo what's happening at a number of its other locations around the world. Asked by a Journalist, a spokesperson confirmed that the earliest scheduled date for a "full opening" of its offices is July 6, 2021, but "we will continue to monitor the situation."
As a reminder, Microsoft employees have been encouraged to telework at least half the time since September 2020. Full-time teleworking is even possible for employees with the agreement of their manager.

Re-motivate the Groups

Microsoft took advantage of this announcement to publish its annual study on the state of work in organizations for the year 2021. The study shows that 41% of the global workforce is likely to consider leaving their workplace. current employer over the next year, an even higher figure for those under 30 (54%).
It also reveals that leaders are doing better than their workforce. 61% of them say they are “fulfilled”, 23 percentage points more than those who do not have decision-making power.
Finally, while Gen Z is widely known for their digital mastery, data in the report shows that they are truly in danger and will need to be re-energized. 61% of this generation, aged 18 to 25, report that they are only surviving or struggling not to feel isolated and lowered in motivation. Enough to push the Microsoft staff to further accelerate the pace to reopen its offices.