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Lg Proposes Three Years Of Smartphone Updates As A Farewell Present

Description of Lg Proposes Three Years Of Smartphone Updates As A Farewell Present

After announcing the closure of its Smartphone branch, the Korean manufacturer LG has however indicated the extension of updates of its smartphones in circulation for three new years.
A few days after the announcement of the closure of its branch dedicated to smartphones, the Korean manufacturer LG announced on Thursday that it wanted to offer up to three iterations of updates to the Android operating system for its smartphones. What allay the concerns of users, anxious to no longer benefit from security updates after the closure of the mobile unit of the Asian giant?
LG has so far offered two generations of operating system updates for high-end smartphones and one for certain budget models, but this offering has been extended to three and two, respectively. The extended OS update period will be applied to smartphones launched since 2019, which includes LG's premium G and V Smartphone lines, as well as budget brands such as the LG Stylo and the K, models that were not all sold on the European market. The premium smartphones, LG Velvet and LG Wing, launched in 2020, will get OS updates until 2023, LG said, while specifying that the precise timing will depend on the OS distribution schedule Google and other factors, such as device performance and compatibility. According to the South Korean electronics maker, the extension is made so that the company can show its gratitude to its consumers and allow them to use their LG devices without worry. 2% market share
As a reminder, the South Korean manufacturer recently liquidated its mobile division after the failure of negotiations for its sale. A closure which can be explained in large part by the mediocre results recorded in recent years . The company has in fact accumulated approximately $ 3.9 billion in operating losses over the past five and a half years.
Over six years, the Asian giant would even have suffered $ 4.5 billion in losses, which had recently launched negotiations to sell its smartphone branch to Volkswagen AG as well as to the Vietnamese giant Vingroup JSC, without success. In better times, however, LG had been early in the market, with a number of cell phone innovations , including ultra wide angle cameras.
At its peak in 2013, it was the third largest smartphone maker in the world, behind Samsung and Apple. Today, LG's market share was only around 2%, far behind behemoths like Samsung, Apple or Huawei.