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It's Time For Smart Home: 10 Percent Discount On Bluetooth Door Lock Drives At Tink

Description of It's Time For Smart Home: 10 Percent Discount On Bluetooth Door Lock Drives At Tink

Smart, app-controlled products are becoming more and more popular: The ABUS Bluetooth door lock drive is secure thanks to encryption, easy to install and immediately makes your life a lot easier. At the smart home specialist tink, there is now a 10 percent discount on the ABUS HomeTec Pro Bluetooth door lock drive CFA3100 as well as on accessories and bundles. Simply enter the voucher code Hometec10 when ordering.
Most people have experienced this before: They are standing in front of the front door and the key is simply gone in all pockets despite repeated clutter ... Unpleasant, of course, but now completely unnecessary stress. Because in the age of the smart home you no longer need to carry a classic key with you. The smart alternative to this is the CFA3100 Bluetooth door lock drive from ABUS . The door can be opened with a mobile phone, finger pressure, remote control or keyboard.
Smart and convenient - the ABUS CFA3100 door lock drive
The door lock drive from ABUS transforms your house or apartment door into a smart, app-controlled locking system with the latest technology. The assembly is very easy, you don't have to lay any cables. Every smooth-running door cylinder with an emergency and hazard function is suitable for the smart upgrade.
The operation is self-explanatory. Even individual access authorizations, for example for the babysitter, can be assigned with it. You decide at any time via the app who is allowed into your house and when.
Save 10 percent with voucher code Hometec10
With the ten percent discount from tink.de, you can now save just under 20 euros on your purchase. Instead of 199.95 euros, you only pay 180 euros. All you have to do is enter the voucher code Hometec10 during the ordering process. There are basically no shipping costs at tink.de. If desired, you will also receive free smart home expert advice.
Also with a 10 percent discount there are various optionally available control options for the door lock drive:
• The ABUS HomeTec Pro Bluetooth finger scanner CFS3100 W - also eliminates the need for keys and smartphones. It stores up to 28 fingerprint profiles for which you can also configure individual access authorizations. Cost: 215.95 with code Hometec10, normal price is 239.95 euros.
• The ABUS HomeTec Pro Bluetooth keyboard CFT3100 is the ideal solution for office and house doors. For this, 139.95 euros are due without a discount. 125.95 euros remain at a reduced price.
• The ABUS HomeTec Pro keyboard privacy screen CSS3000 keeps prying eyes away and prevents unwanted spying out of the input code. The privacy screen normally costs 20.95 euros. You can still deduct a good two euros with the discount.
• The ABUS HomeTec Pro Bluetooth remote control CFF3100 opens or closes the door at the push of a button. It costs 49.95 euros, your savings: 5 euros.