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How To Combine Hyperconvergence And "scale Out" Storage?

Description of How To Combine Hyperconvergence And "scale Out" Storage?

We are aiming for a petabyte of data in the medium term. ". For Sébastien Foucou, of the ADSN Group, data protection involves a mix of Flash arrays and hyper convergence nodes. Testimony.
In the age of cloud computing, many companies are asking themselves the question of migrating all or part of their Information systems outside the walls. Still, on-premise investments are still on the agenda. This is for example the choice of the ADSN Group (Association for the development of the notarial service), which oversees the Information System and the digital modernization of its members - notarial studies.
For data protection, this structure chose to mix HPE 3PAR storage arrays and hyper convergence nodes. "We are very satisfied with this hyper convergence solution", assures Sébastien Foucou, Infrastructure architect within this professional body. “We definitely adopted it because it meets our specific needs, where we don't need large storage arrays. "
The solution really brings us a simplification of the architecture an important point for us because the platform is used by non-specialist personnel. So we ported some "workloads" to HPE Simplivity and the rest to HPE 3PAR. In short, "for a 100% virtualized platform managed by non-expert administrators, the Simplivity solution is perfectly suited".

Data intelligence with HPE InfoSight

In addition, the "HPE InfoSight" data intelligence tool was chosen to be installed on all the ranges. “We started on HPE 3PAR arrays. Today, given the efficiency of this device, we have extended it to servers. This allows us to monitor the volume of servers and storage arrays. If a performance problem appears, we can identify where it comes from: server, virtualization platform, storage bay, network, etc. ”, notes Sébastien Foucou.
“The other very interesting point is that it gives us" capacity planning "with an anticipation of the volumes of data that will arrive. This helps predict when the bay will be full, ”he adds. All in all, these effective innovations make it possible to facilitate and accelerate the launch of new projects. Thus, the organization began to deploy "object" storage with a Scality solution on HPE. “We are targeting a petabyte of data in the medium term,” concludes Sébastien Foucou.