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Google Maps In Dark Mode, Verifying Password, And Other Updates

Description of Google Maps In Dark Mode, Verifying Password, And Other Updates

Google has announced the update of six Android apps, with useful new features, and the rollout begins today. Google on Tuesday announced the update of several Android applications and the addition of new features and capabilities. New features include password verification functionality, Google Maps, Messages, Talkback, Android Auto, and Google Assistant.
Google says updates are rolling out, which means you can see them appear in the Play Store today, or in a few weeks. Regardless of how long it takes for the update to reach your Android smartphone or tablet, here's what you can expect.

Dark mode

Google Maps now has a true dark mode that is active all the time, and not just when using the navigation mode. This mode is not only more comfortable on the eyes, especially when driving at night, but it also helps conserve battery life.
The Google Messages application will allow you to program the sending of an SMS. So the next time you want to send a late-night message, you can schedule it to be sent early in the morning instead.
Talkback, an accessibility feature in Android, is undergoing a series of changes that will benefit blind and visually impaired Android owners. The overall experience should be smoother with improved navigation, better gestures, a revamped menu, and more. Google details all of the upcoming changes for Talkback on its blog.

Verifying passwords

Google's password checking feature, which was previously limited to its Chrome browser, is also coming to Android. For those who use Google's autofill feature to log in to apps and websites, you may see a notification pop-up if Google detects that your password was part of a data breach or leak. . It will then be possible to change your password using one of the passwords suggested from the same tool.
Android Auto will have new privacy features, allowing you to turn off the display when you have passengers. The application will also have new shortcuts displayed on the home screen to facilitate calls to contact or check the weather. New audio games will also be available, to occupy your road trips.
For its part, the Google Assistant becomes easier to use when your phone screen is off and the device is locked. You can now send a message or make a call without having to unlock your phone.
As a reminder, all of these updates are available from today. The best thing to do is to check the Play Store for updates available for each app.