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Get The Latest Updates About Samsung Galaxy S21s Features

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If Samsung does not plan to launch a Galaxy Note model next year, the Korean manufacturer should give everything on the future devices of the S series. Smartphones inevitably eagerly waited.
Samsung wants to overtake Apple. As the first information slowly begins to filter out regarding the next Galaxy S series smartphones, it seems that Samsung has bet on this good old technique to triumph over the competition by announcing its next devices a month earlier than usual.
As the launch date for future Galaxy S smartphones approaches, ZDNet France's editorial staff takes stock of all of these leaks and rumors, so you'll be ready when Samsung's next devices hit the market.

What will these new series are called?’

• Samsung should stay on its traditional mode of operation by naming its next series Galaxy S21.
• This series should have three different models.
Samsung switched from the Galaxy S10 to the Galaxy S20 last year. But this year, the Korean manufacturer should return to a more traditional counting mode, by naming its future series Galaxy S21. This series should count, as for the S20 series, three models: a Galaxy S21, and S21 Plus, and an S21 Ultra.

When will it be launched?

• Samsung plans to announce its future smartphones on January 14 at a virtual event.
• The phones will start shipping a few weeks later on January 29.
Samsung's new Galaxy S series will launch on January 14. It's about a month earlier than usual. The event should take place virtually. The phones are then expected to officially go on sale on January 29.

What price for this future series?

• Prices are expected to drop, but it is not clear to what extent.
The price of Samsung's Galaxy phones has continued to rise in recent years, but given the success of the Galaxy S20 FE, the global pandemic, and the economic problems that have come with it, Samsung is expected to lower the price of the S20 range. But by how much? The question still arises.

What design for the devices of this series?

• There are already several "ghost" colors.
• The design of the camera on the back is fantastic.
• The curved edges of Samsung devices are slowly starting to fade.
The S21 should have flat edges on either side of the screen, while the S21 Ultra will keep curved edges. It's not clear what more the S21 Plus will have. According to the Android Police website, the screen sizes will be 6.2, 6.7, and 6.8 inches respectively.
As for colors, the three colors selected by Samsung will use a new "Phantom" color scheme. The S21 will be available in purple, pink, and gray, and white. The S21 Plus is silver, black and purple. And the S21 Ultra will be only in black and silver.

Features and Specs

• The devices will be 5G compatible.
• They will be equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor.
• The Ultra model will also have a 10x optical camera.
• A stylus will also be available.
Samsung is expected to use Qualcomm's brand new Snapdragon 888 processor in its S21 lineup, which will naturally include 5G connectivity. It is not yet known whether the Korean giant will choose Qualcomm's chipset for its devices sold in Europe and France, a market in which it usually prefers its "home" Exynos processors. The exact specs for 5G are not yet known, but it can be assumed that Sub 6 will be widely supported, with the likelihood that mm-Wave support will be reserved for high-end models.
The Galaxy S21 Ultra could also support Samsung's stylus, making it the first smartphone - outside of the Galaxy Note range - to work with a stylus. Enough to make this device the real hit of the Korean manufacturer in 2021, especially since Samsung does not plan to update the Note range next year. The S Pen would be sold separately for the S21 Ultra.
Finally, camera configurations will be generally updated. Most notably, the S20 Ultra is expected to come with 10x optical zoom, so users don't have to use digital zoom, which often results in pixelated photos. But much is still unclear about Samsung's plans for its future S21. As long as the manufacturer has not made an official announcement, everything can still change. Do not hesitate to consult his page again in the coming weeks, for the latest information on the next devices of the Korean giant.