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Galaxy S22: The Next Samsung Smartphone Should Get A Top Camera

Description of Galaxy S22: The Next Samsung Smartphone Should Get A Top Camera

Samsung is apparently planning a quantum leap in camera quality for the new flagship Galaxy S22: A new technology should ensure the best photo quality with staples zoom. You can see what you need to know here.
The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra currently has one of the best Smartphone cameras installed thanks to its large primary sensor, an ultra-wide-angle camera with autofocus and two telecameras (3x and 10x) with OIS. Next year, Samsung could introduce the best Smartphone zoom camera ever with the introduction of the Galaxy S22 Ultra and its new zoom camera technology.
According to the tipster Ice Universe, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will have an improved periscope camera with staples zoom. The current periscope zooms that can be found in Smartphone so far have fixed lenses. The phone must use a cropped image from the main camera or use a separate intermediate zoom lens (2x or 3x) before the periscope camera engages. This leads to poor image quality at non-native zoom levels.
Galaxy S22: Samsung wants to provide even more options for photos
Samsung Galaxy S22: New periscope system should provide more optical sharpness and details.
Samsung Electro mechanics and Samsung LSI reportedly developed the continuous zoom periscope solution for the Galaxy S22 Ultra. The lenses (or elements) within this new periscope unit can move freely (from 3x to 10x) and offer perfect optical sharpness and details at all levels of magnification. This technology is similar to that used in digital and DSLR cameras.
Aside from the new zoom camera, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is rumored to offer two major upgrades. The device will reportedly use a selfie camera under the display, which means the display will have no annoying holes. The phone could also come with the Exynos 2200 processor with AMD Radian Mobile GPU, which is expected to be more powerful than the GPU housed in Apple's newest A14 Bionic chip.
With the combination of a groundbreaking zoom camera technology, an extremely powerful GPU and a camera under the display, Samsung could introduce what is perhaps the best Smartphone of all time in the coming year.