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Fritzbox Gets An Update: These Improvements Are Available

Description of Fritzbox Gets An Update: These Improvements Are Available

AVM is gradually equipping its FritzBox routers with the latest firmware version. The delivery of FritzOS 7.24 for the first router is currently starting. We'll tell you in the text which FritzBox receives the update and which improvements users can look forward to.
The Fritz boxes from AVM are very popular. AVM routers offer numerous features that other devices simply lag behind. The FritzBox manufacturer publishes updates for the routers at irregular intervals so that this lead is expanded further and further. After the upgrade to FritzOS 7.23 has already been carried out on many devices, the next step is now pending.
As the manufacturer announced , the new FritzBox 6660 Cable will now be equipped with the latest version FritzOS 7.24 .
The AVM FritzBox 6660 Cable supports the latest wireless standard with Wi-Fi 6 and offers improved management of parallel data streams. With WLAN transfer rates of up to 1,443 Mbit / s, the router is currently probably the fastest device in the AVM range.
In the following we have summarized for you which innovations owners of the FritzBox 6660 Cable can expect with the update to FritzOS 7.24 AVM.
Update to FritzOS 7.24: These innovations are available to users
The FritzBox 6660 Cable will be equipped with the new FritzOS 7.24.
• More secure WLAN with the new WPA3 encryption standard
• WLAN spots for guests can be used securely encrypted with OWE
• Higher performance with mesh steering and the mesh auto channel
• With device lock, simply switch the Internet access for individual devices on and off
• Triple the transmission speed of VPN connections
• Telephoning on the Telekom connection is now even more secure thanks to voice encryption
• Use online telephone books, answering machines and fax functions more conveniently
• Display of suitable suggestions when entering numbers (smart phone book)
• Support of new products: LED lamp FritzDECT 500 and quadruple push button FritzDECT 440
• Faster Fritz Fon and the language selection for the entire user interface
• FRITZ! NAS via a network drive (\ fritz.nas) and with the new SMB version
• DVB-C (Sat> IP) is now supported