Home IT News Fritz Box, Television, Front Door: With These Clever Tools You Can Automate The Whole House

Fritz Box, Television, Front Door: With These Clever Tools You Can Automate The Whole House

Description of Fritz Box, Television, Front Door: With These Clever Tools You Can Automate The Whole House

Anyone who owns smart home devices can automate a number of things in the household. But the manufacturers' various apps often make this impossible. We present two solutions to you, how it works anyway. From the FritzBox to the Samsung TV to the Spotify account, you can use it to automate everything.
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Smart home is a great thing - but if you own devices from different manufacturers, you often have seven or eight different apps on your smartphone. And then there is great confusion when you just want to turn down the heating or turn on the light.
Fortunately, there are now tools that you can use to bundle and link smart home devices from a wide variety of manufacturers. The repertoire ranges from smart lamps to the Fritz Box to simple televisions.
Home Connect Plus: The quick solution
With Home Connect Plus you can get started in just a few minutes. The Home Connect Plus app from Bosch, which is available for download for Android and iPhone, offers a simple and convenient solution. The free application supports a variety of providers, including smart FritzBox devices, Philips Hue, Nuki and Nanoleaf.
It can be set up in a few minutes using the app of the respective provider, which you can link to Home Connect Plus. Afterwards, all set up devices can be controlled centrally via the app. Thanks to simple scenarios, you can also define automations and, for example, switch on the light in the bedroom at the same time every morning.
However, not all manufacturers are represented in the Bosch app solution. For example, anyone who owns a ring camera or Netatmo devices cannot currently integrate them into the app. Game consoles, Spotify or TVs cannot be linked either. In addition, Home Connect Plus is currently only available for smartphones. If you like to control devices from your PC or tablet, you have to do without it.
For smart home professionals: Home Assistant
Far-reaching automations can be set up with Home Assistant.
Anyone who already owns a whole range of smart home devices or even wants to equip their own devices with their own sensors will quickly reach their limits with app solutions such as Home Connect Plus. This is where Home Assistant helps - the free open source software is the world's most popular tool for building your own smart home solutions. Virtually all smart home devices that are currently on the market can be integrated here via so-called integrations. In addition, Home Assistant is also able to connect to game consoles, Spotify or online services.
Using automation, scenarios can then be defined - for example that all lights are switched off automatically as soon as you leave the house. But that's not all: Home Assistant allows you to build your own dashboards on which information can be displayed and devices can be controlled. Users with programming skills can also build their own integrations and create dashboards with stylish designs.
Home Assistant is intended to run on a Raspberry Pi or a Linux computer, but can also be installed on Windows or Mac. All you need is virtualization software such as Virtual Box and you can download the appropriate file directly from the manufacturer. If you want to use Home Assistant permanently, the Raspberry Pi is the most stable and cheapest solution. The tool can be accessed from all devices in the home network via the corresponding IP address, and there are also suitable apps for Android and iOS.