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Free Wlan Manager: Freeware Boots Windows 10 Functions

Description of Free Wlan Manager: Freeware Boots Windows 10 Functions

You don't need any additional software to connect to a nearby WiFi network. Windows 10 can do this and also offers a few other options for WLAN management. If you want more functions, you should take a look at the free ManageWirelessNetwork program. We show what it can do.
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Windows 10 can of course also handle WLANs and offers access to networks within range via the taskbar. You will also find the item "Manage known networks" in the settings. There Windows 10 shows a searchable list of WLANs to which your computer has already been connected. But Windows 10 doesn't offer many options here: You can sort the list according to various criteria, apply filters and obtain more information about the individual entries.
ManageWirelessNetworks 1.00
Windows only offers very bulky ways to manage WiFi networks. The free "ManageWirelessNetworks" does that much better.
Lots of information and easy handling
Compact presentation, fast operation and lots of information: ManageWirelessNetworks manages WLAN profiles in Windows.
ManageWirelessNetworks starts quickly and then lists all known WLANs. But unlike Windows 10, the WLAN list is much more compact and there is a lot of information for every entry found, from the profile name to the SSID, the type of encryption, when you first connected to the network and more.
It is easy to use, with an extensive context menu available for each WLAN, which you can use to change the profile name, for example. You can also change the type of connection mode, customize the SSID, or move the profile position. You can also display the WLAN passwords.
Subtleties in the menu
Additional options create a better overview.
You can still use a few subtleties of the program via the menu. For example, you can use "View" to display appropriate QR codes to connect additional devices to a WLAN. The overview of the listed WLANs can also be improved; grid lines and alternating lines are the means of choice here. You can also create reports in this submenu.
Use "Options" to show and hide the access passwords or only load active network interfaces. There is also a delete function in the menu symbols so that you can remove WLAN profiles. This can be useful if you have accumulated umpteen radio profiles after a long period of use that you no longer need.