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For Train Specialized Cloud Engineers Linux Foundation Launched A Bootcamp

Description of For Train Specialized Cloud Engineers Linux Foundation Launched A Bootcamp

As demand continues, and too few professionals match what companies are looking for, the Linux Foundation is launching its training program. At the time when it was still possible to regularly attend trade shows specializing in technology, whatever the subject of the event (Linux, networks, free software development, etc.), we could be sure one thing: every company, really every company, was looking for cloud computing professionals to hire.
Indeed.com found that between October 2015 and October 2019, cloud computing jobs increased by 55%. By 2022, Gartner predicts that the market for public cloud services alone will be three times the size of all IT services. But there aren't enough cloud computing experts to meet the demand. This is where the Linux Foundation's new "Cloud Engineer Bootcamp" comes in. Although there are many online cloud computing training courses, the Linux Foundation claims that this is the "very first boot camp program designed to transform individuals from novice to engineer. cloud-certified in six months ”.

A complete program and a free rhythm

The Bootcamp offers self-paced online courses, certification exams, and support from specialist instructors, for a comprehensive and well-rounded educational program. As you can imagine, the Linux Foundation Bootcamp begins with the eponymous operating system. All in all perfectly logical, since even Azure, Microsoft's cloud, is now mainly based on Linux. From the operating system, we move up the stack, covering DevOps, the cloud, containers, and Kubernetes .
More specifically, the Bootcamp includes the following courses and exams:
• The Basics of Linux System Administration (LFS201).
• Linux administration and network (LFS211).
• The fundamentals of containers (LFS253).
• The fundamentals of DevOps and SRE: implementation of continuous service (LFS261).
• Fundamentals of Kubernetes (LFS258).
• System administrator exam, certified by the Linux Foundation (LFCS).
• Kubernetes Certified Administrator Exam (CKA).
Besides the lessons, students will also have access to an online forum with other students and trainers. There will also be live virtual office hours with speakers five days a week. Once registered, you should plan to devote 15 to 20 hours per week to complete the Bootcamp in about six months. Upon completion of the program, participants will receive LFCS and CKA certification badges as well as a badge certifying that the participant has completed the Bootcamp in its entirety. Badges can be independently verified by prospective employers at any time.

Training adapted to business requirements

Many individuals have expressed interest in more guided training options, which this Bootcamp aims to provide,” said Clyde Seepersad, SVP and general manager of training and certification at the Linux Foundation, in a statement. “At the same time, many members of the Linux Foundation have demonstrated their difficulties in finding trained people to fill open positions in the cloud. A significantly lower price tag than most boot camps, coupled with top-notch certifications and independent instructor training, brings tremendous value to this program, which is an accessible option for people looking to break into the industries. IT and cloud at the same time, this will help fill the talent gap and ensure adequate staffing for companies looking for cloud talent. "
The program goes beyond online academic training. Kim McMahon, Marketing Director of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) , says: “As more engineers seek non-traditional forms of education, they need programs that are reliable and offer hands-on experience. The "Cloud Engineer Bootcamp" is the right way to certify their working knowledge of Kubernetes while advancing their careers in the cloud-native and open source communities. "
The training is available in English. It is possible to register today. The standard Bootcamp price, $ 999, gives unlimited access to courses for one year, as well as all content and labs. Until June 17, 2020, the program is offered at a prefatory price of $ 599. Companies can also benefit from group registrations for this program.