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For Photo Editing, Google Photos Gets More Video And Photo Editing Features

Google is offering new photo and video editing features in its Photos app for subscribers to its Google One service.
Google has just launched new features for its Google Photos app on Android, previously exclusive to its Pixel smartphones. New photo editing features are available to entice Android users to subscribe to Google One, its cloud storage and phone backup service for consumers.
Editing features promise to bring machine learning magic to the editing experience, including Portrait Blur for the broken effect, even when a photo was taken in normal mode, and Portrait Light, a tip that improves face illumination in close-up photos. They work for recently taken photos, older images, and when the original image was not taken in portrait mode.
The video editor, on the other hand, allows videos to be trimmed, stabilized, and rotated so that users can crop videos, change perspectives, add filters, and apply changes in brightness, contrast, saturation, and more heat.

More features on Pixels

There are over 30 controls for editing videos, but Google recommends testing the functionality by cropping and straightening the frame to focus on the topic. It can also be used to improve the brightness of a video. The new video editing features are already available in Google Photos on iOS and will be available on most Android devices in the coming weeks. The new editor will be available on iPhone and iPad in a few months.
Google notes that people who pay for a Google One membership can apply these photo and video effects even to image scans or professional shots. Features like Portrait Blur, Portrait Light, Dynamic, and Sky Suggestions will be available for Google One members soon and are available with the latest Google Photos app on Android devices.
Pixel owners benefit from these additional features as part of their use of the device. As a reminder, Google introduced Google One in 2018 to offer a brand for the consumer version of Google Drive which has made its consumer storage plans more competitive with the rates of Dropbox and Microsoft, with its OneDrive service.