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Fewer Series And Movies On Netflix: Is The Large Content Drought Coming?

Description of Fewer Series And Movies On Netflix: Is The Large Content Drought Coming?

Netflix has long been considered the big winner of the Corona crisis. However, new data from the USA now point to a huge content lull on the platform. Was that the pleasure of streaming? A comment by Anna Schmid. DISPLAY
It's time for an important admission, netflix-wise. Since bad news is best introduced with a positive message, I would first like to say thank you to the company. Thank you Netflix for the entertainment you gave me during the Corona crisis.
Sitting at home day in and day out, not being able to go to the cinema or the restaurant, that was and is really grueling. Clicking the Netflix button on my remote control has always made my everyday life easier, at least on a mental level.
Still, I have to admit: I am concerned and wonder if I can stay loyal to the streaming service in the future. Because I took a look at streaming expert Kasey Moore's Twitter page . He analyzes what is going on on the platform, his word has weight on Netflix.
That's why Moore's latest comment worries me so much. In a dry but haunting tone, he writes: "The content drought is here."
Netflix: Volume of in-house productions slumped by twelve percent
Will we soon only see the "old" content on Netflix?
"How does Moore know?" Asks the attentive reader now. The answer is: He looked at the relevant data from previous years and compared them with one another.
The expert comes to the conclusion that the number of Netflix in-house productions fell by a full twelve percent in the first quarter of 2021. Between January and April 2020 a total of 180 originals were published in the USA, in 2021 there were only 159. But that's not all.
The amount of licensed content, i.e. the films and series from other studios bought by Netflix, has also decreased. As can be seen from Moore's tweet, the number of US new releases decreased from 685 in the spring of 2020 to only 454 new releases in the first few months of this year.
Figures from the USA are alarming for me as a Netflix user
It is clear that the corona pandemic has contributed significantly to Netflix's current content slump. With the lockdown last year, the production of numerous films and series stagnated. Dozens of formats have been postponed for months, some indefinitely. This backlog is now visible, even if Netflix has pre-produced many formats. As a loyal subscriber, the numbers from the USA are still alarming for me. I ask myself: is the streaming service running out of content now? Will the corona pandemic now also take away my corona leisure activity? After all, I just subscribed to Netflix because of all the new releases.
Production stop at Netflix could lead to wave of layoffs
I know: If the streaming service offers less and less new content, I will cancel my subscription. And I would probably not be the only one, as a report from the " Bloomberg " portal confirms. The authors suspect a wave of layoffs at Netflix if the platform falls short of the expectations of its customers. That means: offer less new content than planned.
Why spend money on a portal that doesn't deliver what you want?
After all, Netflix is far from cheap. Only recently the streaming service increased the prices in this country , instead of 11.99 euros, the non-premium entertainment fun now costs me 12.99 euros. For such a hefty fee (Amazon Prime Video costs only 7.99 euros a month), I also expect a corresponding amount of content.
But it's not just about financial matters for me. I'm also very concerned about the Netflix Originals, which the company streamed into not only my heart but that of many other users as well. A recent survey confirms: For more than 60 percent of Netflix users, in-house productions are "absolutely crucial" or "very important" in order to create an account on the platform.
How many Originals will there still be in the future? Should there actually be a trend towards fewer and fewer in-house productions, that would be an occasion for me to forego the platform. After all, formats such as "The Queen's Gambit" or "Stranger Things" give Netflix exactly the exclusivity that sets the service apart from other providers. Studios reserve their content for their own portals
Especially since it is not doing well with external, not self-produced content. Moore's analysis shows that other studios apparently want to sell less and less content to the streaming provider. The expert believes that the media houses would instead use their content to strengthen their own platforms.
And he's not entirely wrong about that. There are already reports that support his assumption - for example an article on the US portal "Bloomberg" about plans by the media company NBC Universal . As a result, the group no longer wants to offer its own films on streaming portals such as Netflix or HBOMax, but only on the in-house service Peacock.
If the rumors are true, high-profile blockbusters such as "Jurassic Park", "Fast and the Furious" or the "Back to the Future" series could soon disappear from Netflix. Classics that many fans like me have been looking forward to. The displeasure would be inevitable.
Netflix made a promise about a year ago
So all in all a tricky situation. Also because a potential subscriber churn would ultimately only harm future viewers. If Netflix earns less money through subscriptions, less is left over for in-house productions and licenses in the end. A vicious circle that the streaming portal absolutely has to break.
So it remains to be hoped that Netflix will keep the promise that the company made just under a year ago. Compared to " The Verge " those responsible stated that there would be no content lull at the streaming giant.