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Feedback: Erp For Very Small Businesses In Saas Mode

Description of Feedback: Erp For Very Small Businesses In Saas Mode

Long reserved for medium and large companies, ERP attracts new customers by moving to SaaS and simplicity example with French TPE.
Long reserved for medium and large companies, ERP keeps reinventing itself to conquer new market shares. This ERP 2.0 are the result of changes in historical players in this sector , but also the result of new entrants who are trying to find a place in niche markets thanks to SaaS.
This is the case of the Spanish publisher Holded, which aims to satisfy the owners of TPE who by nature have no internal IT support, nor time to waste with the usual twists and turns of this class of software package. The TPE La Savonnette is a good example. The company designs, manufactures and distributes soap, hydro alcoholic gel and other hygiene products for guest houses and tourist rentals.
This new company allows owners, mainly individuals, to buy these products in smaller volumes - orders from 25 products - than what the traditional players in this sector sell to traditional hoteliers explains Yannick Zamolo, the founder.
“The company is one year old. The bet is that services like Airbnb will go upmarket on the service side, that it will become more professional. In fact, to date, less than 5% of the users of these services leave their apartment for rent for a weekend. The vast majority of rental properties are rental investments or second homes. And rental customers are increasingly reluctant to use the owner's shower gel. The idea for the founder of La Savonnette is therefore to satisfy the purchasing behavior of individuals in the process of professionalization in the hotel business. And even if the period is complicated for tourist rentals, demand has exploded with the hydro alcoholic gel.

The importance of integration via APIs

For Yannick Zamolo, the first need in terms of software package tools was therefore the ability to invoice and quote as simply and quickly as possible. “I discussed this with my accountant. I had the possibility of using an invoicing module with Woo Commerce, the e-commerce module of Wordpress, the site engine used by La Savonnette. But it is not Afnor standardized. And it was out of the question that the orders arriving on the site would be retyped by hand. "
“I looked for invoicing software that could connect to Woo Commerce. But I also needed a tool that would allow me to manage stock. And with the customers piling up, I also had CRM needs. “In fact, at the time of the triumph of the API, the interconnection between the bricks of e-commerce or storage becomes essential. Holded offers numerous bridges on this point.


Holded offers a complete software solution in the cloud, intended for the management and the follow-up of all the administrative and accounting activities of your company.
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“In the end, I made the decision to use an ERP that includes all these bricks,” says the founder of the company. “I collect everything from the Holded platform. I use the functionalities of stock management, edition of quotes and invoices, of CRM. For me, it's the equivalent of a Trello with the project management part and customer opportunities to be exploited with prospecting processes. "
"I tested 7 or 8 tools before making this choice", also tells the boss of La Savonnette. This is in fact one of the advantages of the SaaS offer. Holded like its competitors offers trial periods, without requiring any commitment. Another advantage of this tool in SaaS mode, Holded offers several billing levels depending on usage. It is therefore possible to build up gradually. This is very important with ERP, as the complexity of the different bricks can be important. Finally, Holded allows you to manage all the bricks from a single interface.
“The learning curve is not very steep,” adds Yannick Zamolo of Holded, however. “I encountered translation problems at the beginning, but I follow the logic where once you start with a tool you keep it, and you learn how to use it as you go.”Yannick Zamolo considers that the tool is now" easy to use ". There are still improvements that could help. “The unit of measure, for me, is the product vials. But if I wanted to sell by weight or by volume, that wouldn't be possible. "