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Facebook Threatens To Charge Ios Users?

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Mark Zuckerberg Company uses fascinating bullying tactics to get users to tolerate ad tracking. Some days I dream. I dream that all viruses go away, yes all of them, and that at least a few tech companies take (relative) honesty as a guideline.
But today I am not dreaming. Because I have to contemplate what Facebook is doing in the face of Apple's initiative with iOS 14.5 to shed light on its customers' consent to targeted advertising? And it's ugly.
If you have lived in a cave until recently, you may not be aware that Apple made mobile app publishers display a notice asking if you want the app to follow you everywhere on the web, all the time.

Facebook is unhappy

Facebook is unhappy with this decision because it makes money by following you all over the web, all the time. So, as former Obama White House senior adviser Ashkan Soltani noted, Facebook is trying to scare its users on iOS - both on the Facebook and Instagram apps.
The social media giant has placed its own little notice intended to urge iOS users to consent to the tracking. The notice is based on the enthusiasm of users for more personalized advertising. It stages the usual reasoning that tracking is done primarily to help small businesses.
Help us keep Facebook free
But there is a third nugget in this text: "help us keep Facebook free". The same threat is spread to Instagram users.
And it begins. @Facebook / @Instagram explore additional fear tactics to fight @Apple with iOS14 #ATT privacy changes.
"Help us keep Facebook free" pic.twitter.com/mOB9WJpz9A
• Ashkan Soltani (@ ashk4n) April 30, 2021
Yes, this cynicism is admirable.
I dream that Facebook will make me a customer
Facebook seems willing to try every trick it can to get more iOS users to let activity tracking continue because, as you can imagine, Facebook is afraid of losing a lot of money.
And I, for my part, start dreaming.
The relationship would be much more honest if Facebook charged for its products. The social network would then be clear about the type of business it is. Users would become customers, not users. They would buy the product instead of being the product.
At the end of the day, it's the money that moves Facebook
They would be in a position to wait for a service, unlike the automated wasteland of Facebook's superficial oversight over user concerns.
They might even be able to understand how Facebook's privacy controls actually work and demand greater simplicity, like the very clear pop-up that Apple offers to app users.
That's it, I just woke up again. This dream was very short and is now over.
Facebook will not charge for its service any more than it will prevent its site from serving the interests of various dubious governments. Mark Zuckerberg has been in a very good business for years.
He is just like the American owners of the most famous English football clubs. It's not that he worries about making money; it's that he worries about making enough to satisfy his selfish purposes.
Yes, he is concerned that people not only care about their privacy, but is also offered simple ways to control it. But at the end of the day, it's the money that gets Facebook moving.