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End Processes In Windows: Turn Off Stubborn Tasks With Free Tool Killer

Description of End Processes In Windows: Turn Off Stubborn Tasks With Free Tool Killer

Some programs literally junk the Task Manager in Windows, so that numerous processes can be seen. Closing these individually is tedious, and sometimes processes don't even want to be ended. We are therefore introducing you to two tools that literally make short work and thus free up important system resources.
With the normal task manager in Windows 10, you only see the main processes of the applications that you have started by default. Only when you click on "More details" at the bottom of the window does the really important information such as the utilization of CPU, RAM or network appear. The current power consumption is also displayed here - by clicking on the column header, you can sort the processes according to the respective value and delete the top entries. Depending on the number of active processes, this may take a while.
If you want to end many processes at once, you can get help from the small freeware killer , which also kills all sub-processes. Occasionally, individual programs cannot even be ended via the Task Manager, for example if they have hung up. There is also a permanent solution for this with the ProcessKO tool . In the following we will introduce you to both tools in more detail.
ProcessKO 5.55
With ProcessKO you can exit programs quickly and easily if they hang up.
End multiple processes: Killer stops RAM eaters
Thanks to the search function, Killer is quickly isolated and can be ended quickly.
Finishing individual tasks is no problem with the in-house Windows Task Manager. But if you want to eliminate several at the same time, it takes a while. The free tool Killer is faster . The program was created because the developer was disturbed by Google Chrome's RAM hunger and its many sub-processes.
Here you can also see the name of each task, the CPU and memory usage. For example, click on "Memory Usage" to see the biggest RAM eaters at the top. However, this does not necessarily mean that all processes in the same program end up on top.
A practical feature of Killer is the integrated search function. Filter for example for "Chrome" and click the check mark in the top left to mark all entries. With the button "The Children Too" all tasks including subprocesses are ended. Do the same with other tasks that are bothering you.
Killer 0.7.4
With the little tool "Killer" you get a kind of Task Manager for Windows, with which you can kill several processes at one go.
ProcessKO: End hung programs
ProcessKO also reliably terminates frozen processes.
The tiny tool ProcessKO takes a slightly different approach . It is especially useful if you already know the typical candidates who are slowing down your PC, using too much RAM, or getting stuck on a regular basis. These processes can be saved as favorites from the list of all current tasks.
Before you can do anything, you must check the box next to "I am a professional and I know what I am doing!" be set. Just make sure not to save any system processes as favorites. However, the logos of Firefox , Chrome and Co. always make the corresponding processes quickly recognizable. Then just click on the respective logo in the favorites list and the processes are terminated. The KO timer is also practical, with which you can end any process after a specified time. To do this, click on "KO Timer | Add" and enter a duration or time.