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Dms Are Now Available On Slack Connect

Description of Dms Are Now Available On Slack Connect

It will now be possible to send direct messages to external partners through Slack Connect. It is now possible to send direct messages with Slack Connect. This feature, first announced in October, allows employees to collaborate with trusted external partners on Slack.
Previously, Slack direct messaging was limited to communication between employees within the same organization. If the tool aims to facilitate communication, it also makes it possible to ensure that exchanges with external partners remain secure and comply with legislation, said Stewart Butterfield, CEO of Slack, on Wednesday during a virtual event. DM Connects, he says, "give a lot more control, a lot more information about how communication is going."

Slack Connect is growing

Slack is also integrating new apps into Slack Connect - a secure environment that allows businesses to bring together up to 20 organizations in a shared space for real-time collaboration. Users can now share a Calendly link in Slack Connect, receive DocuSign notifications, and map accounts with Crossbeam.
Later this year, Slack plans to enable two companies to build a private business network using Slack Connect. This will allow them to leverage unified directories, direct messaging, channel discovery and shared applications. On Wednesday, the CEO of Slack pointed out that in the post-pandemic world, organizations will not only have to rethink the physical location of their employees, but also the tools they use. “Once you let go of the possibility of leaning towards someone next to you or having a meeting in person, it will be necessary to find ways to achieve the same ends,” he argues, “in new ways. to leverage technology to achieve the same or even better results ”.