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Deutsche Bahn Presents A Strong App Feature: It's So Easy To Get Your Money Back Now

Description of Deutsche Bahn Presents A Strong App Feature: It's So Easy To Get Your Money Back Now

If there are delays when traveling by train with Deutsche Bahn, travelers have previously been able to have their money refunded using the passenger rights form. As early as next month, this process will be significantly simplified by Deutsche Bahn.
If you are delayed by more than an hour, you are entitled to a reimbursement of 25 percent of the travel costs. After two hours you get 50 percent of the cost back. In the past, consumers had to fill out the two-page passenger rights form by hand and send it to Deutsche Bahn by post. Some time ago, Deutsche Bahn promised to simplify this process and, above all, to digitize it.
Refunds can be requested in the DB Navigator app or on the Deutsche Bahn website from June 1st. This should be particularly easy if you are logged into your customer account. So you can simply find the journey concerned in the customer account and request one and a compensation. The personal data as well as the train number and travel day are then already filled in. There will also be no need to submit the ticket in the future. The entire process should take less than 5 minutes, promises a spokesman for Deutsche Bahn.
For users without smartphones and internet access, the classic paper passenger rights form will be retained. You can still inquire about this from the conductor or pick it up at the travel center. However, a much more popular leaflet has been omitted from Deutsche Bahn this year.DEUTSCHE
Deutsche Bahn: Here, too, the group is now becoming more digital
Deutsche Bahn: Refunds will be much easier in the future.
The new reimbursement via app or on the Internet is not the only step towards digitization at Deutsche Bahn. It was only announced at the end of last year that the leaflet with the travel plan in ICs and ICEs would be dispensed with in the future. In future, users without a smartphone will have to refer to the displays on the train for this information or obtain information from the train attendant.
On the other hand, positive news for everyone is the change from a chargeable 0180 service number to a Berlin landline number that can be reached free of charge. From now on, the lost and found office of the Bahn can no longer be reached under an expensive 0900 number, but at the normal fixed network tariff. We have compiled all of the new Deutsche Bahn service numbers here .