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Control Devices With The Power Of Thoughts, Nextmind Opens Up New Worlds

Description of Control Devices With The Power Of Thoughts, Nextmind Opens Up New Worlds

The possibility of being able to move and control things using only the power of the brain has fascinated people for a long time. However, science doubts the existence of tele or psychokinesis. A young French company called NextMind wants to make the impossible possible with their hardware. We had the device in the editorial office.

The brain as a control module

NextMind can be used in a wide variety of ways. Who does not know the famous phrase from Star Wars: May the force be with you! Jedis, like Luke Skywalker, can do their will with the power of their thoughts and send lightsabers flying through the air. In this context, the subject of psychokinesis is still science fiction. But how about if this were actually possible with technology and you were already able to operate your home smart TV, your PC or the coffee machine with your imagination alone? Companies such as BIOS, BitBrain or Kernel are researching to create a link between the brain and technology. The approaches in neurotechnology are just as diverse as your objectives. The latter range from the development of neuroprostheses to neurorehabilitation.
With its hardware of the same name, the French startup NextMind has now presented a device that gives a first glimpse into the fascinating world of this research - completely without surgery, NextMind is simply strapped around the head with a strap and is completely cable-free. Several sensors measure electrical impulses and their changes in the visual system of the cerebral cortex and convert this into an action with the PC. CHIP has made first experiences with this device, which could help many people in everyday life in the future.