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Chip Is Giving Away Exclusive Premium Photo Full Version With Nero Software Free For A Few Hours

Description of Chip Is Giving Away Exclusive Premium Photo Full Version With Nero Software Free For A Few Hours

Finding duplicate images and deleting the correct version is a tedious job. If you still want to have order in your digital photo collection, you need a full version that automatically searches for duplicates. Until this evening, CHIP is giving away a successful full version that does just that.
Duplicate files are a common problem. Doppler arises most frequently in the photo collection, because thousands of images can be found in various folders on the smartphone alone. This happens, for example, when messenger apps name received or sent graphics differently.
But the organization on your own computer sometimes leaves a lot to be desired if you do not create folders for images in Windows Explorer with the appropriate care. The Nero program DuplicateManager Photo has set itself the goal of cleaning up this mess on your system by automatically finding duplicate images and preparing them for deletion. Get the program worth almost 40 euros now for free:
Full version: Nero DuplicateManager Photo 2021
With "Nero DuplicateManagerPhoto 2021" you can automatically clean up your image database within a very short time and free up space on your hard drive.
Nero DuplicateManager Photo: Delete duplicate photos
First select a directory to scan for duplicates.
The first step is to select one or more folders in DuplicateManager Photo that the software should check for duplicate content. All subdirectories are included in the scan. The entries for this can be clicked on in the left column and moved to the right with the "Add" button - but drag & drop is also possible.
If you have a dedicated hard drive for personal data in addition to a system SSD , you can also have the entire HDD scanned. The more precisely you filter the directories to be examined, where you suspect Doppler, the faster the scan will take place. Otherwise, the process may take a while for hard drives of two to four terabytes.
So it's best to just select the photo folder and ignore music files or videos. When you have finally selected all the directories, click on the "Next" button at the bottom right. The scan starts. The software evaluates similar file names, the image content but also the date of modification.
Delete duplicates with Nero DuplicateManager Photo
Choose which duplicates to delete and which not.
Important: DuplicateManager Photo does not delete any of your files automatically to avoid nasty surprises. Otherwise beloved photos would quickly be irretrievably lost - but that also means that a little manual work is required. Go through the list of results.
Click on all red entries to save them from deletion. In the "Similar images" tab, you can even see a breakdown if images show the same content but have different resolutions. So you can just keep the better quality picture. Finally, with a click on "Next", all Dopplers are deleted. In the following overview you can see the space savings on the hard disk.