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Cegid Xrp Flex The Compostable Cloud And Joint Erp

Description of Cegid Xrp Flex The Compostable Cloud And Joint Erp

Developing an ERP (or modernizing an existing solution) is one of the priorities of companies today. But the ERP remains a project often beyond the reach of very small and medium-sized enterprises. Cegid wants to change the rules of the game with its Cegid XRP Flex cloud offer.
The health crisis has shown the limits and weaknesses of business information systems especially the smaller ones, who were often not prepared for teleworking. "These companies urgently set up collaborative bricks, such as Zoom, but that does not solve the problem of an IS that was not designed for collaboration", analyzes Norbert Jamet, product marketing manager, ERP Cegid companies.
With the end of the crisis looming, many VSEs and SMEs are thinking about how to renovate their information system, starting with the management brick. This is all the more necessary since, according to a CXP study from the end of 2019; more than 50% of companies in France have a management system dating back more than 10 years. "There is no doubt that such an antiquated system will not be able to support the transformation of companies", analyzes our interlocutor.
Inspired by good practices from large accounts, some wonder about the benefits of an ERP ... while fearing the constraints it imposes. “The old solutions were part of a model where the ERP orchestrated the entire management chain in logic of control, with a lot of rigor, but also constraints. The new generation of modular ERP is open and flexible. She clearly positions herself as a business facilitator. "

A modular ERP

Setting up an ERP is a project that can be complex for a VSE / SME. “Small businesses often do not have sufficient critical size to organize themselves in project mode over long periods,” admits Norbert Jamet. They need to be part of an agile and unconstrained IS scheme. It is therefore necessary to know how to seek" quick wins "through short projects, with immediate ROI. A compostable ERP like Cegid XRP Flex can be deployed gradually, by activating new building blocks as the business needs strategically.
Compostable ERP is also essentially open to third-party solutions. While Cegid XRP Flex offers all the building blocks necessary for business management, it is not intended to cover the entire functional spectrum of organizations on its own. “We understand the importance of facilitating connection with third-party applications. This is why we have made 100% of the scope of our ERP accessible via APIs. "
Cegid XRP Flex is also a cloud solution. “When it comes to the cloud, the necessary infrastructure is no longer a problem for the company. In addition, the cloud puts technologies that are often inaccessible to them within the reach of very small and medium-sized businesses: uses in mobility, artificial intelligence, dematerialization, APIs, etc. "

An ERP designed to be used by everyone

"A compostable ERP in cloud mode brings a central collaborative dimension, which encourages more fluid exchanges within the company and with its ecosystem," continues Norbert Jamet. But the promise of a collaborative world is often confronted with the reality of an unsuitable economic model. Unlike other publishers, we have not fallen into the trap of a license model calculated by user. By default, we offer unlimited user licenses, in order to keep the promise of a hyper-collaborative ERP used by all. "
Today, determining the cost of subscription to Cegid XRP Flex is based on two dimensions: the functional scope requested and the volume of invoices issued each year by the company without limit in number of users therefore. “We want to open up ERP to the entire company, but also to new users from its ecosystem: suppliers, partners, customers ... with Cegid XRP Flex, we are expanding the ERP playing field.”