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Boost Your Personal Productivity With New Tools

Description of Boost Your Personal Productivity With New Tools

Does New Year have more new resolutions? What if in 2020, you thought of yourself as no longer wasting time unnecessarily while working. Here are five tools to help you focus on the essentials.
Whether you work in a team or alone, whether you are at home, in a coworking space, in an open space, or in a classic office, there are plenty of opportunities to distract yourself. Fortunately, there are also computer tools that will help you eliminate distractions and time-consuming tasks.

ToDo.vu, task management in a few clicks

To prepare your day or your week, you can use a paper diary, a series of post-it notes stuck near your desk with color codes depending on the urgency or not. Or you can use a task manager. ToDo.vu is one of them, and much more. It allows you to specify what you need to do, but also to track the time you have spent on an activity and invoice it accordingly, or to manage your customer relationship. Maybe the best one? The tool is free for the self-employed (with 100 MB of storage). It's billed between $ 5 and $ 9 per month per user for Teams, with a maximum of 11 paid licenses, even if you have more users.

Timyo, no longer waste time with your messaging

All-day long you get emails, but how do you know if they are urgent or if they can wait? Timyo can help you. Functioning as an add-on for Gmail, Outlook, or Office 365 or as an app for Android and iOS, this solution allows you to assign priorities to the emails you send (fast response expected, response expected, just for information), and that you receive (to respond quickly, to respond tomorrow, to respond within the week, etc.).
The solution also tells you who email you are not the primary recipient of, but simply in the public or invisible copy. It also allows you to personalize the notifications so that you are immediately informed only of the contacts sent to you which seem most important to you. For now, the solution is free.

Freedom, block out distractions

Available as a mobile and web application, and able to synchronize from one version to another, Freedom is a tool to block all possible electronic distractions: Internet, social networks, incoming e-mails, specific applications under iOS or Android.
You can do this at any time, or create time slots for these distractions, even if it means doing them repeatedly. You can test the solution for free with seven sessions, then pay anywhere from $ 2.42 to $ 6.49 per month if this tool is right for you.
Freedom also offers several browser extensions (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari) to monitor the time you spend on time-consuming sites, block access to them or impose a cooling-off period before you go.

Calendly, keep hold of her calendar

Free or paid (between 8 and 12 dollars per month and per user, after two weeks of free testing), Calendly connects to your calendar (s) and integrates appointments or meeting requests (by then sending an invitation to persons concerned). You can even install it on your website for your customers and prospects to book an appointment online. Calendly will check your different calendars to see if you and the people invited are available and will then suggest the easiest time slot for everyone.

Pomodoro, learn to concentrate

Appeared at the end of the 80s, the Pomodoro method consists of dividing the tasks to be done in slices of 25 minutes. During this period, you only complete the task you have planned and then take a short break of 2 or 3 minutes.
And every four 25 minute periods you give yourself a real 15 to 30-minute break, before starting a new cycle. This method, which does not work for all trades, has been very successful and has generated a multitude of applications and timer sites to measure 25-minute increments. Just type Pomodoro in your favorite app store to have a selection of free or paid timers. The one we offer here is a free and configurable website.