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Best Music Streaming Services Of 2021 For Music Lovers

Description of Best Music Streaming Services Of 2021 For Music Lovers

If you are a music fan, free music streaming services have their limits. And paying a subscription can provide a variety of great options for music lovers.
Some music streaming services are available for free. And if your usage is limited to a musical background, then you may not mind listening to a few commercials and not being able to play a song that you don't like so much. But if you are really a follower, it might be better to pay to get rid of these annoyances. And you have a choice, at all costs. Because the Hifi sound offer goes beyond the classic Deezer, Spotify and Qobuz. In this guide, we only bring you services that offer ad-free streaming, with a large collection of titles. Most popular services provide access to a similar collection of 40 to 60 million titles. We have, however, added some more specialized services, offering an alternative to the catalogs of major record companies.
Each service, therefore, offers ad-free streaming to its paying subscribers, with the possibility of saving content to be able to listen to or broadcast any album or song offline. Most also offer custom playlists, smart DJs, and other ways to discover new music based on users' music preferences.
Some of these services also offer to buy music and add it to a collection, and several others include tools for loading songs from a personal collection to mix and match them to the online catalog. For a few dollars more per month, music lovers with advanced hearing can switch from a compressed audio file to a lossless, high-quality song stream.
The most popular

1. Spotify Premium

Subscriptions and prices:
• Staff: € 9.99 per month;
• Duo Premium: € 12.99 per month for two accounts;
• Spotify Family: € 14.99 per month, up to six accounts from the same household;
• Student: € 4.99 per month.
Free music listening service
• Downloads: 43
• Release date: 02/10/2021
• Author: Spotify AB
• License: Free license
• Categories: Music
• Operating system: Android - Linux - Online service All Internet browsers - Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10 - iOS iPhone / iPad / Apple Watch - macOS
The music streaming giant has earned its status as a leader by creating a real addiction, with some of the best smart playlists around. It also offers the best social connections, if you agree to connect your Facebook and Spotify accounts. It's easy to share playlists without using Facebook, and it's still possible to enjoy your guilty pleasures in a private session if you'd rather hide from your snobby friends that you adore Coldplay.
The best feature of the Spotify offering, by far, is the ability to switch output devices on the fly, so you can switch from your desktop smart speaker to your living room audio system without missing a beat. It is also possible to upload personal content. For years, the biggest frustration Spotify generated for music fans was the 10,000 song listening limit. But since May 26, 2020, this limit has been officially removed.

2. Apple Music

Subscriptions and prices:
• Individual: € 9.99 per month;
• Family: € 14.99 per month, up to six accounts from the same family share;
• Student: € 4.99 per month, with access to the Apple TV + service.
If you love iTunes, you'll love Apple Music. Steve Jobs and his heirs have been leaders in digital music for two decades, and although they arrived late in the subscription and music streaming market, they have since made up for a lost time. Apple Music has a huge library that includes iTunes exclusive albums and songs, and the service is available on a surprising number of platforms, including Android smartphones, and even Samsung smart TVs.
By using a signature feature of the service, you can upload your personal music collection to iCloud Music Library. The good news is that your quota is generous: 100,000 titles in the catalog and those you have purchased from iTunes or downloaded to listen to offline do not count towards that total. The bad news is that you have to use iTunes software on your computer to do this upload. And there are many who have a love/hate relationship with Apple's music software, and will then turn to other options.

3. Google Play Music / YouTube Music

Subscriptions and prices:
• Individual: € 9.99 per month;
• Family: € 14.99 per month, for six members of the same household;
• Student: € 4.99 per month.
Google Music Library
• Downloads: 2
• Release date: 12/11/2020
• Author: Google Inc.
• License: Free license
• Categories: Audio - Music
• Operating system: Android - iOS iPhone / iPad
If you are used to the Google ecosystem, the Google Play Music offer may interest you. The playlist algorithm is extensive and intelligent, the catalog is huge, and the apps for iOS and Android, as well as Chrome, are easy to use and beautiful. Even if you settle for a free account, users can upload up to 50,000 songs from your personal collection through a Chrome extension or the Music Manager utility, available on Windows and macOS.Youtube.
Want to share your personal tutorials or watch the latest movie trailers, clips from your favorite stars, specials, and more? You are in the right place. .
• Downloads: 53.
• Release date: 02/15/2021.
• Author: Google Inc. .
• License: Free license.
• Categories: Video - Internet.
• Operating system: Android - Online service All Internet browsers - Windows 10 - iOS iPhone / iPad.
Like Google, you find a competing streaming service, YouTube Music Premium. It allows you to enjoy ad-free YouTube playback, and to continue listening, even when the screen is off. Google Play Music subscription includes YouTube Music subscription ... and vice versa. The future seems to be on YouTube Music's side, however, as Google encourages its subscribers to move their collections from Google Play Music to YouTube Music.

4. Amazon Music Unlimited

Subscriptions and prices: .
• Individual: € 9.99 per month; .
• Family: € 14.99 per month, up to six accounts; .
• Echo / Fire TV: € 3.99 per month, on a single eligible Echo or FireTV smartphone. .
Download Amazon MP3s with your Android.
• Downloads: 5.
• Release date: 02/09/2021.
• Author: Amazon Mobile LLC.
• License: Free license.
• Categories: Audio - Music.
• Operating system: Android - Online service All Internet browsers - iOS iPhone / iPad.
Amazon's arrival in the "music streaming" category is exactly what you would expect: huge selection, application available on all platforms, and voice command available on many devices. The subscription at € 3.99 per month also offers a rather economical alternative to be able to listen to music from Amazon Echo speakers. .
On the other hand, if you have a personal music collection, this service is not for you. Amazon has removed the ability to upload music to its collection several years ago, and the selection is limited to songs that can be streamed, or purchased directly from Amazon.

5. Napster

Price: € 9.95 per month. .
Expand your digital music collection. .
• Downloads: 4.
• Release date: 02/09/2021.
• Author: Rhapsody International Inc. .
• License: Free license.
• Categories: Audio.
• Operating system: Android - Online service All Internet browsers - iOS iPhone / iPad.
You have to be thinking, Napster, isn't this the music piracy service doomed twenty years ago? Well, he's still there. Either way, the brand survives, having been acquired by Best Buy in 2008 and sold to Rhapsody (another '90s hit) in 2011. The service today is mainly used to power third-party services like iHeartRadio, but the he stand-alone offer still has a small number of followers in its catalog. .
So if you're in the party mood like 1999, the service has a pretty generic feature set.

6.Deezer Premium

Subscriptions and prices: .
• Individual: € 9.99 per month or € 99.90 per year; .
• Family: € 14.99 per month, up to six accounts; .
• Student: € 4.99 per month. .
Deezer is a music streaming site of French origin that offers free to listen to millions of songs with advertising, or to have an unlimited subscription without advertising. .
• Downloads: 48.
• Release date: 02/10/2021.
• Author: Deezer Mobile.
• License: Free license.
• Categories: Music.
• Operating system: Android - Windows 10 - iOS iPhone / iPad / Apple Watch - macOS.
Deezer was the first music streaming service in France at a time when few platforms existed. More than a dozen years later, it is surviving around the world with a decidedly unconventional offering. With a free account, you have access to 30-second sound clips on the web, but you can play the full tracks (with the advertising of course) on your smartphone. With a Premium account, it is possible to use the web player and the Windows application, and the ads will disappear. .
Deezer's specialty is "Deezer Flow", an algorithmic recommendation feature that generates "an endless mix of favorites and new tracks" based on user feedback. The "DeezerHiFi" option allows you to benefit from lossless audio tracks, for € 14.99 per month. It is also possible to add personal songs in MP3, using any web browser (limited to 2000 tracks). .
The specialists.
If you are looking for alternatives to the catalogs of the big labels, here are some services that are worth a look.

7. Idagio Premium +, the classic specialist

Subscriptions and price: € 9.99 per month instead of € 12.99. .
Lovers of classical music can easily be frustrated with the most popular music streaming services, where it is often relegated to third class. So if you prefer Bach to Beck and Mozart to Maroon 5, use Idagio. .
The platform offers two million titles. Either way, it is well below the 50 to 60 million titles in the catalogs of the major popular music services, but this selection is exclusively focused on classic labels like Deutsche Grammaphon, Decca, and ECM. .
It is possible to use the platform for free, with advertising, but the paid subscription brings key improvements, in addition to the removal of advertising, such as lossless audio quality and the ability to connect to dedicated speakers.

8. Primephonic, the search tool designed for the classic

Subscriptions and prices: .
• Premium: € 9.99 per month or € 99.99 per year; .
• Platinum: € 14.99 per month or € 149.99 per year. .
By joining Primephonic, you become part of an exclusive platform of around 150,000 members, run by classical music fanatics. You can consult the “Our values " page to find out more. .
The service highlights its “definitive catalog” from major labels and unknown independents, as well as intelligent research built specifically for classical music. If you are an amateur, you should indeed know how complex it is to find this type of service on general public service. .
The Premium subscription offer offers compressed tracks at 320kbps, while the Platinum option uses FLAC streaming, without loss. The player streams the best possible quality, including 24-bit recordings.

9. Nugs.net, "Live music lives here"

Subscriptions and prices: .
• Basic: $ 12.99 per month or $ 129.99 per year; .
• Hi-Fi: $ 24.99 per month or $ 249.99 per year. .
The slogan, "Live music lives here", and the name, a slang word for Hifi headphones, already say a lot about this service. You won't find traditional pop/rock labels here. Instead, users can stream over 15,000 concerts, with bands like Dead and Company, Metallica, Pearl Jam, and the Dave Matthews Band headlining. .
The iOS and Android mobile apps allow subscribers to download concert recordings for offline listening. The recorded concerts can be found in the "My Stash" section (the old hippies will have the reference). The platform also offers a selection of live concert videos on demand, and it is possible to upgrade to higher audio quality or purchase live recordings for burning to CDs or even cassettes. .
The service is only available in English.

10.Hi-Fi sound

If what matters to you is the quality of the audio, then these services may be of interest to you. .
Tidal, engagement with artists.
Subscriptions and prices: .
• Standard: € 9.99 per month (Premium) or € 19.99 per month (HiFi); .
• Family: € 14.99 per month (Premium) or € 29.99 per month (HiFi), up to 5 members; .
• Student: € 4.99 per month (Premium) or € 9.99 per month (HiFi). .
When it debuted in 2015, Tidal achieved great success thanks to the popularity of its owners, famous musicians produced by Jay-Z. The platform engages with artists, and in particular, relies on transparency by presenting graphics on the distribution of subscription fees on the "What is Tidal?" Page (About Tidal, Editor's note) of his site. But it is above all the audio quality that makes Tidal famous. The Premium offering promises the best quality music available in a streaming service, while the Hi-Fi offering offers uncompressed tracks for lossless sound. Either way, doesn’t take your subscription from the iOS app unless you want to tip Apple 30%.

11. Qobuz, studio quality

Subscriptions and prices: .
• Hi-Fi: € 19.99 per month or € 199.99 per year; .
• Studio: € 24.99 per month or € 249.99 per year. .
• Sublime +: € 299.99 per year. .
If your sound system has cost you the price of a car, then Qobuz is for you. This service, founded in France in 2007, aims to offer recordings with an audio quality "as close as possible to the original recording in the studio", in streaming or for purchase. In short, this will provide good listening. Don't worry; it also works with smaller audio equipment.
The Qobuz offer offers an offbeat atmosphere, with podcasts and playlists belonging to a universe very different from what is usually found on music streaming platforms.
Like Tidal, it supports a long list of high-end hi-fi equipment. It is also one of the few services to offer a modern and well-designed Windows application. And Qobuz wins the coolest name contest: it comes from a sacred musical instrument from Kazakhstan.