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Because Of A Small Tool Windows Explorer Is Improved: This Function Is Long Overdue

Description of Because Of A Small Tool Windows Explorer Is Improved: This Function Is Long Overdue

Managing files is not always easy with Windows Explorer, as it often changes the view automatically. This happens with photo or music folders, for example, but not every user likes this intelligent function. So we're going to show you a tiny tool that sets the view for all folders in Windows in stone.
Windows Explorer offers different views that are more suitable for different tasks. With "Extra Large Icons", for example, collections of images can be viewed quickly without the photo preview, while the "Details" view offers more options for file management. But it is often a matter of taste which mode users prefer to work with.
However, Windows decides automatically which view and columns are shown for folders with photos, videos or music files, for example. If you want to prevent this, you can do it with the small WinSetView script - this allows you to determine system-wide which view and which columns should be visible in all folders. The tool has now also appeared in German, which makes setting up even easier. We explain the most important functions to you.
The program does not require any installation. After downloading WinSetView, simply unzip the ZIP archive with "Right click | Unzip here" and then start the "WinSetView.hta" file with a double click. You will now see the interface and can first switch to German at the top. You define the standard view for all folders in Windows by selecting one of the following items in the first line:
• Details
• list
• Tiles
• content
• small, medium or large icons
For better file management, the detail view is best recommended, as Windows Explorer can display several columns with additional information in it. With the "Show file extensions" field, you can always see the file extensions such as MP3, PDF or DOCX, which also helps with organization.

Windows Explorer: Configure the detail view globally

In the detailed view, too, Windows usually determines which columns are displayed. In the case of audio files, you can often see the album name, track number and artist. If you like that, you better uncheck "Set global column headings" in WinSetView , otherwise all other columns will be replaced.
However, if you want to see the same columns system-wide, simply check the appropriate box - modification date, file size and element type are selected by default. The new columns also appear in the order in which you tick the boxes.
The fields for entering numbers can even be used to globally determine the width of the title column and all subsequent columns. If you would like to get as much information as possible in one window, enter a smaller number. The last menu item offers you the option of excluding areas such as "This PC" and "Network" from the global settings or simply deactivating the grouping of the displayed elements such as hard drives. If you remove the checkmark, this frequently used view remains unchanged.
With a click on "Apply" the settings are finally adopted. Don't be alarmed: The tool will be minimized and Windows Explorer will restart, which will make all open windows disappear. If you open it again you will see the effect. If you notice that you do not like the new settings, simply restart WinSetView and tick " Reset views to Windows standard" to restore the initial state. There is therefore no risk when using the script.