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At Telekom: New Mixed Reality Glasses Go On Sale In Advance

Description of At Telekom: New Mixed Reality Glasses Go On Sale In Advance

Telekom was the first provider in Europe to start advance sales of the new mixed reality glasses real Light. This should enable users to integrate augmented and mixed reality applications into their real environment. For those interested, however, there is still a catch at the market launch.
The new mixed reality glasses real Light have been on sale at Telekom since March 17. The telecommunications provider promises that with the glasses "new, future-oriented opportunities for communication, entertainment and interaction in the high-performance 5G network can be offered to the general public" by integrating mixed and augmented reality applications into the real environment to let.
The Nebula operating system of the glasses offers a lot of popular apps from the Google Play Store right from the start, including YouTube, Amazon, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, which should be displayed directly on the glasses. According to Telekom, it is even possible to open several applications in parallel and arrange them individually. In addition, apps specially developed for Nreal glasses are offered - including applications with mixed and augmented reality reference as well as 3D graphics and space tracking.
The mixed reality glasses weigh 106 grams and, thanks to their ergonomic shape, should be usable both at home and on the go. The Nebula OS promises smooth playback of 3D content that is mirrored on the smartphone - the manufacturer promises display with a resolution of 1080p per eye.
Real Light: For the time being, glasses are only compatible with a smartphone
The environment should continue to be clearly visible during use - three integrated cameras with environment recognition and freedom of movement should ensure this. When it comes to sound, too, a few wishes should remain unfulfilled with dual surround sound speakers and microphones for voice control.
A catch for those interested: For the time being, the real Light is only compatible with the new smartphone Oppo Find X3 Pro - but other devices are to follow in the future. The digital glasses are then connected to the smartphone via USB-C cable to provide computing power and internet connection. Navigation is also carried out using the mobile phone, which is then used as a kind of laser pointer. A later update should also enable intuitive gesture control.
Interested users can use this link to register for the Initiate program, on which the real Light and the Oppo Find X3 Pro are now available. From April, the products will also be sold in the Telekom online shop.