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Apple Ios 14.5 And Ipados 14.5 Are Now Accessible

Description of Apple Ios 14.5 And Ipados 14.5 Are Now Accessible

After a long beta period, Apple has officially released iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5. The updates feature many new features, including the controversial ATT.
The first beta versions of iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5, for developers and public, were released in February. Since then, the mobile operating system has seen several updates, with Apple working to fine-tune features and remove bugs.
Apple officially released the update for all iPhone and iPad users on Monday. It is available by going to Settings> General> Software Update, then clicking "Download and install". Before starting the update, it is advisable to make a backup. Thus, in the event of a problem during the installation, it will be possible to restore your up-to-date backup.

Implementation of ATT (App Tracking Transparency)

Among the new features is the famous App Tracking Transparency (ATT). Since April 26, any new application submitted to the App Store must comply with it: developers must obtain a user's consent to track their activity on other applications and websites while browsing on a device iOS or iPadOS.
Once the update is installed, you'll find this new setting in Settings> Privacy> Tracking. You have two choices: accept that the applications ask for your consent to follow you - in this case, a prompt will be displayed when you launch the newly updated applications, to collect your consent or not - or refuse the application solicitation - then applications will automatically be unable to track your browsing.
At the head of the ATT opponents is Facebook, whose advertising revenue could well be impacted by Apple's new functionality. Of course, the social network will not be the only one impacted; the entire advertising industry will probably be too.

Use Face ID with a mask

For Apple Watch owners, iOS 14.5 also fixes the issue of using Face ID with a mask. In Settings> Face ID and password, activate "Unlock with Apple Watch" by choosing your connected watch. So when your iPhone detects that part of your face is covered, it will connect to your Apple Watch, which will be offered as a secondary means of authentication. This will unlock the iPhone, and the Apple Watch will notify you that it has been used for this by means of a gentle vibration.
New versions of iOS and iPadOS also offer an update for Siri. If you use your device in English, you will have access to two new voice options. In total, Siri now offers a choice of four voice identities. Also new, when configuring a new device, Siri will no longer use a female voice by default. The voice assistant will instead ask the user to choose their preferred voice. And that choice will apply to all other connected Apple devices (except HomePod, in my experience). To check out the new voices, go to Settings> Siri & Search> Siri Voices.
The updates also include some new features for the Music and Podcast apps, as well as bug fixes and performance improvements.