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Android Smartphone’s Useful Feature That No One Has Ever Heard Of

Description of Android Smartphone’s Useful Feature That No One Has Ever Heard Of

Android has a very useful hidden feature to keep its secrets safe, and yet too little known. The time has come to right this injustice.
Ever handed your iPhone to someone, and then remembered there was a file in it that you didn't want them to see? It could be a photo, a test, a personal message, a private work document or even worse: your stash of cat memes. Either way, we carry a lot of sensitive information on our smartphones, and it's only natural to want to keep this data private.
The Android developer teams have thought about this and added a feature that allows you to hand your phone over to someone else, while keeping your information private. This feature is called guest mode.
It came to my mind the other day, following a conversation with an Android user who said they wished there was a way to lock down their private data while still allowing others to pass calls and use the internet. This is what this mode does. Guest mode creates a temporary account on your Smartphone that does not contain any of your personal information. No pictures. No contacts. No messages. No file.
A very useful mode for the most modest
This mode also deactivates the phone function, but you can choose to activate it if you wish. So how do you access this function? Well, it's normally found in Settings> System> Advanced> Multiple Users, but not always. If you can't find it, a user search should bring it up.
When you find it, it will appear at the bottom of the list of Google accounts linked to the phone. To change it, tap on it and the handset will switch. The process is quick and only takes a few seconds. To go back, go back to “Multiple users” and tap “Remove guest ".
If you want to give guest mode access to the phone, before entering guest mode, click on the gear wheel next to it and activate the “Enable phone calls” option. Also, for quick access, you can make this feature available from the lock screen. Handy if you use it regularly. This is a great feature that helps keep your private matters confidential.