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Anaya Name Meaning In Urdu [by History & Dictionary]

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Anaya Name Meaning in URDU Anaya is Muslim girl name, Anaya meaning solicitude, concern in Urdu Anaya meaning is اندیشہ، فکر، اضطراب. Anaya name is originated from the Arabic language. Anaya Name Meaning by URDU Dictionary As originally Anaya is an Arabic name and according to Urdu Lughat and Dictionary Anaya means Means “Fikar, Andesha, Iztarab”. By deep meaning, this name represents a personality with deep responsibility. The name impression looks like someone is deeply responsible and always worried about her responsibilities. Anay Name Meaning by Historical Overview Anaya’s name has not huge historical records. However, this name was also famous in Spain and the ancient Basque language. This name is trending now a days and most people liked it. Also Anaya sounds good in speaking, writing, and reading. By words Anaya name meaning in URDU language “اندیشہ، فکر، اضطراب.” Anaya has four letters in English and in Urdu this name has five letters. How Popular is the Name Anaya? Anaya is getting popular from last decade. Very famous personalities and celebrities are adopting this name. That’s why this name is getting in trend and looks like a modern name. Few examples are below so you can imagine how popular Anaya name is? Anaya Sharma Famous standup comedian Kapil Sharma’s daughter’s name is Anaya Sharma. His recent newly born daughter was cute and named as Anaya. Luxury Brand Anaya Lawn is a luxury brand in Pakistan. They are lawn dress designers according to the latest fashion trends. Is Anaya a Girl Name? Yes, Anaya is a girl name and used for females. This name is famous in India, Pakistan, and in some other Arabic countries. Click Here to See More Beautiful Names & Meanings