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Already From April 1st: Nationwide Make Changes In Driver's License Comes Into Power

Anyone who had previously obtained their driver's license in an automatic car in Germany could only drive cars with automatic transmissions. From April 1st, this regulation will be relaxed under certain conditions.


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The first Formula 1 race of the 2021 season will take place in Bahrain on March 28, 2021 - and you can take part with the Sky Supersport Ticket for less than 20 euros a month. Important change in the German driving license: From April 1, allows explicitly of completed for automatic car license under certain conditions, the driving of cars with manual transmission, such as "Auto Motor und Sport" reported . This adjustment can be traced back to an initiative of the Federal Ministry of Transport (BMVI), with which the topic of electromobility is to be promoted in the future.
From April, owners of an automatic driver's license will have the opportunity to complete at least ten additional 45-minute driving lessons on a vehicle with a manual gearbox after completing the basic practical training, in order to then prove their driving ability in a test drive of at least 15 minutes. If this is successfully completed, it is possible to drive a switch car. This is noted in the driver's license with the code number 197.
Automatic driver's license: Germany adapts to EU regulations

Photo: Axel Heimken / dpa

Automatic drivers who acquired their license before April 1st can therefore easily retrain with just a few driving lessons in order to also drive the much more common cars with manual transmissions in this country. For all other driving license classes, a separate test for switching cars must still be proven. The automatic restriction cannot be lifted for people who are not allowed to drive cars with manual transmissions for medical reasons, for example because of a physical impairment or disability.
With the change, Germany is adapting to the automatic regulations that have been commonplace in the EU for years. Ultimately, the offensive is also intended to strengthen electric cars, which are often controlled by an automatic gearbox.