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All The News Of Microsoft Teams For The Last Two Months

Description of All The News Of Microsoft Teams For The Last Two Months

Microsoft is increasing the number of new features in its collaboration tool, in order to improve the daily lives of telecommunicators.
Microsoft is unveiling all the new features of its Teams platform in February and March.
New features include live transcription, meeting recaps, integration of Teams with Outlook calendar, as well as updates for Android devices and iPads.

More accessibility

While telecommuting is still prevalent, collaboration tools like Teams are increasingly popular. Microsoft added live transcription to its platform at the beginning of the month, with mention of the speaker.
Another new feature is a summary function that includes meeting recording, transcription, chat, attached files, etc.
Additionally, Outlook users can now initiate an instant Teams meeting from the Calendar tab in Outlook for Windows. To start a meeting, users just have to click on "Join".
It is also now possible to copy a "Join" link from the Teams calendar without immediately starting a meeting. This makes it easier to share a link in an email or chat.

Facilitate presentations

At the Ignite conference earlier this month, Microsoft launched PowerPoint Live, a version of PowerPoint for video conferencing meetings in Teams. This new feature allows you to present a PowerPoint file during a Teams meeting, without having to open the file in PowerPoint and then share your screen.
Teams also have a "Presenter Mode" for use with PowerPoint Live. It displays the speaker at the bottom of the slide as it moves from slide to slide. Viewers also have additional emoticons to share their reactions during a presentation, such as a clap or a heart.
As for webinars, Teams users can now host 20,000 people in a "read-only" broadcast, and download attendance reports.
In addition, meeting participants with a mobile connection can now activate the new low data calling mode.

More sharing

Also as part of the mobile app, Teams on Android will now allow meeting participants to see up to 20 participants on a phone and 30 participants on a tablet. Android users can now simultaneously see shared content and a featured speaker.
Teams users with an iPad Pro or iPad Air can now present live in Teams from their device by selecting "Join as presenter" to start a broadcast.
Finally, Microsoft has raised the size limit for file sharing in Teams from 100GB to 250GB, making it easier to share 3D models, 8K video files, and large datasets for research and education projects. The new limit applies to all Microsoft 365 services.