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After Telekom, Vodafone: 3g Shutdown Will Begin Shortly

Description of After Telekom, Vodafone: 3g Shutdown Will Begin Shortly

Vodafone will start shutting down the 3G networks in some cities as early as May 3rd, which will have to make way for 5G. From the end of June, the changeover is to be continued throughout Germany.
Now the countdown for the 3G shutdown also begins at Vodafone. The frequencies freed up as a result are required for the 5G network. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, the provider will shut down the 3G network in two weeks' time.
Vodafone has now announced when and where the trial shutdown of 3G in Germany will begin. A similar approach is being pursued here to Telekom, which had also already started with the 3G shutdown as a test in mid-March . It should really start in the summer, when the 3G networks will gradually be switched off across Germany for all German providers.
3G shutdown: some users have to adapt
Vodafone: From the end of June, the 3G connections are to be switched off throughout Germany.
At Vodafone, the shutdown for Vodafone customers in Mainz, Wiesbaden and Chemnitz will be tested from May 2nd. In each of the 3 cities, more than 300 mobile radio stations should then only be available for the LTE or then 5G network.
So that this can be used by customers, the phone must of course also support LTE or 5G, as well as the contracts. With the latter, Vodafone has already activated LTE use in all tariffs, and Vodafone will also replace older SIM cards that do not support LTE for free.