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Active Your Apple Watch’s Hidden Feature

Description of Active Your Apple Watch’s Hidden Feature

The Apple Watch contains a hidden feature that can let you know the time without even looking at your watch. Here's how to activate it.
Ever wanted to know the time without looking at your watch? Say you are talking to someone and you don't want to sound rude or distracted, or while you are driving, or it is dark and you don't want your retinas to be blinded by the light. .
The Apple Watch offers a very nifty way to tell what time it is without looking at it. And no, that doesn't involve a Disney character squealing for you.
You can use the vibrations with a function called "Touch time".
Activate option
To activate it, you can go to the settings on your Apple Watch or in the Apple Watch application on your iPhone. Go to "Clock", and then scroll to "Touch Time".
You then get a brief description of the function. Tap on it to access the main settings. You can activate and deactivate the function there, and choose between three options:
• Figures: the precision will be down to the minute.
• Succinct: the precision will be to the nearest quarter of an hour.
• Morse: the function is precise, but you have to know the Morse code.
Each mode provides different feedback, and you can choose which one works best for you. These modes all seem difficult to learn, but they are not (even if the Morse option seems slow to me).
To activate them, just press and hold two fingers on the screen.
Limitations of functionality
However, this functionality admits some limitations. The main one is that the screen must be on and that you must be on the screen of the watch. This means that it does not work in Theater mode or when the screen is dimmed. Personally, not wanting to lift the watch to my face to use this feature, and often using Theater mode to save battery power, I precede the press of two fingers with a simple tap to wake up the screen.